De Anza: Up the Mountain


Remember, by clicking any picture, you’ll get better sizing and clarity.

At De Anza Naturist Resort there is a landmark mountain of rocks.

It is huge. You can see specks on the top moving around. These are naked people.

Zoomed in, a Naked Person Lounging

There can be found labyrinths of rock formations that tunnel up to the top.

Most people take a trail around the south and then make an ascent up a hill.

The top is solid.

There are ropes anchored there to assist the climb. The views are spectacular.

In the light of sunset, the rocks glow golden.

The shadows grow.

The primitive ambiance takes a prehistoric flavor, like some movie with cavemen with fur draped around them.

The lines are graceful as the wind and rain have sculpted them.

It is as if art.

Golden hues of sunlight creep through holes in mammoth rocks.

There are small caves with thin walls of granite.

Windows of stone have been carved through the rock.

The place begs for photography.

We are able to freely add the primitive look of our natural nude bodies to this.

They are complimented in this landscape.

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