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A First Experiment in the Wilderness of Rocks


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I wrote earlier in the week of a state of “No Backup” and my plans to experiment with that during this season’s hiking. There were many reasons. One set is the shedding of personal baggage, the knee jerk cover-up reaction that I have been conditioned to.  I wish for the personal liberation from this social response and to experience awareness of the emotional confines fully, letting them go and hopefully to watch them dissolve. Am I truly in a natural experience out there, when inside I am still uncomfortable?

There is also the activist in me. I believe that the more frequency that people encounter others of their species naked, the more they will be used to it as okay. When many are given the opportunity to experience a nude person among them, they are exploring their own hang-ups, in discovery and thought, to realize how innocent and benign mere nudity is.

My intention is to not cover up in the backcountry, where it is essentially a legitimate practice. This is deep in a Federal wilderness, beyond concerns of the authorities, where convention is of a distant foreign land and tolerance is as natural as the wilderness itself. I am experimenting with brazen no backup out here and sorting my feelings about encounters.

We are presenting a website that teaches and encourages how to live in free range nudity. There is a point where one may want to feel more liberation on the inside, within the self, to feel less hindered and relaxed.

This Trip Report will often be in the context of my feelings during encounters with other people and the experience of the parties involved. It is also, a trip into a natural wonderland.

Looking Down into Ozone and Record Days of Heat in Tucson

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On Nudity Without Back-up Coverings

No back up, or without a net, is the act of taking off and being away from ones clothing. You can stash them, or misplace them, but you are out someplace without a cover-up.

What is the Appeal?

Many people go to great lengths to trap themselves without clothing. What is it that is so appealing? I know how that has felt for me, but I haven’t nailed down the appeal for everyone. I have others descriptions of liberation, or feeling more naked and aware, or a rush. For me, it has at times buried, or helped to at least to heal resentments, as I have stood up for myself to demand my freedom after years of body repression. It has given me that gambling risk factor and rush. It has that just go with it abandon, like throwing myself into a sense of freedom, akin to say, for example, jumping off a cliff and diving into water below. It sometimes is like what going barefoot all over feels, which is a further degree of the delight of naked in the world. There has also been that accomplishment factor when the distance is calculated, like noting how many miles away from any clothing, or cover-up. I know that as a naturist, abandoning myself to the elements in a primitive way, when there is no going back, is creating a whole new relationship with nature.

Not Unprepared, but for Something to Cover Them Up

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My Private Place for Naturism #19


A Continuing Series:

I occasionally write about the stealth trail and solitude that I find walking out my door in Tortolita.

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Romero Trail of Anecdotes


DF has a Wednesday off and a 4:00pm doctor’s appointment. She takes me up on the suggestion to visit Romero Pools early. She hasn’t been there and I am promising wonderful pools of refreshing water to Adam and Eve in.

We arrive at the trailhead and take off about 8:30am. The heat is coming up already. It will be in the upper 90F’s today. We take off, she in a sundress and me with a backpack rig and a sarong covering me. We pass a mother with two small children. They have sunburned cheeks and look tired.  I see no water bottle.

The first mile passes quickly. It is wide and an easy grade. We stop at the one lone bench at the end of this trail and pull a snack out of the bag. After food and rehydration, we begin the harsh descent up the Romeo Canyon Trail. I’m going to jump into a few anecdotes along the way.

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Romero Pools: Testing SUL Gear


It was my Birthday, a day to do just what I please. I took the day as my own, forgetting about anything that life imposes and did exactly as I pleased, a hike, natural communion and a sushi dinner in the evening.

I had wanted to try my new SUL, a super ultralight backpacking rig for months. It is for an overnight, but life has been busy. This wouldn’t be an overnight, but it would be an opportunity to try the rig out for weight, comfort over miles and mobility. I already know that the sleeping arrangements are solid. It is a bivy bag, quilt (if needed) warm clothes, no cooking set up, all weighing about five to six pounds, depending on weather. I’ll explain the equipment list later.

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From Eden to Paradise Part 2: A Trip Report


We are in Aravaipa Canyon. Part 1 is here:


“It is overcast,” I report, as I lazily look out the back of the net-tent. I am looking up a thousand feet nearly straight above me at a sliver of sky next to the cliff’s edge. Warm and cozy still, we curl up and sleep a tad late, waiting it out.

It rains and it sprinkles. There are no real downpours. We have an oatmeal breakfast in a cup, stuffing strawberries, bananas and cinnamon down into the meal to rehydrate and flavor. It is very good. Still no reprieve and knowing that the forecast had been a possible 60% chance of rain, we hope for the 40% chance of good weather.

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