What Are We Doing? Why?

A Practical Solution:

We live here in the Southwestern United States. It is filled with natural wonders and warm days. The terrain can be a lush desert, then with a twenty minute drive, into alpine forest high in the mountains. When I was younger, my friends and I would visit the natural beauty, usually in search of a skinny-dip spot. Water, especially enough to dip into, is very precious. The love of being freely nude naturally became a common part of my lifestyle.
After my son was born, I began to feel uncomfortable wandering in the wild with a baby. We tried the nude resorts. This worked well, we enjoyed ourselves, but it felt very limiting. When he was grown, my passion and rebellious individuality brought me back to some of the old haunts, but I knew that there was more.
I would spend a few days at a nude resort being accepted as I am and unencumbered. Then as I was to leave, I discovered the uncomfortable sense of confinement and injustice to have to be dressed. I resented the abusive threat of unjust law. I would see the foolishness of the clothing mandatory culture with new eyes. I also knew that I was not alone in this.
Through careful research and thoughtful application of common sense and crafty tenacity, I began to develop ways to be nude in other circumstances. I learned to be in other places where it is uncommon to be nude, but sensible. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes sneaky, but the reward was discovering a new freedom.

What is Free Range Naturism?

One day, it occurred to me that I had been spending over 90% of my time nude. We leave home, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles, discover most incredible awe inspiring wonders, smell, taste the world and listen to ourselves in our natural spiritual being. We return home and other than a stop for gas, we haven’t been dressed the entire time. In day to day life, we have learned to expand our range around the house, by being aware, and utilizing cover. We resist the discovery of others who do not have an understanding of naturism. We don’t ever break the law. We are careful to not expose the body parts that have been deemed for no good reason “adult” by law. We are cautious, certainly not reckless as the statutes warn.

We can travel (the term being “carnude”) from place to place. Often we are visiting friends, or other activities that will be done nude. It often makes little sense to get fully dressed just to take clothing off. We go out to music, dance, try restaurants and we shop clothed, but we also look for places to do things nude. For example we visit friends nude, are members of a spiritual sweat, a hot springs group and life presents itself.
Over time, this craft has been honed and the risk has dissipated. There is more comfort where there once was fear and excitement. While reality is perceived without the cloud of negative uncomfortable emotions, awareness is increased, and mindfulness practiced. These, coupled within the environment of nature, can be a very spiritual experience in practice.

The point is that there is opportunity to get along living mostly nude and still function, simply by applying some practical applications. We would like you to know that this freedom can be available for your own manifestation. Every activity, it seems, is enhanced without clothing. Even in cold conditions naturism can be wonderful. Everyone can be free, more alive and more connected to this world.

Why go to the trouble to be free range nude?

Where I live, we have many months where the heat is intense enough to make wearing clothing an act of insanity. It becomes evident that the body adapts very well to extremes and clothing reduces this efficiency dramatically. Most of the rest of the days of the year, the weather is too pleasant to wear clothing. A nude state is just that much more enjoyable.

There are many websites that will tell you how wonderful nudity is. As you read our adventures and photography, we will share that with you, too. To understand best, the greater your personal exposure to nudity in life, the more obviously better your life is. Try it if you haven’t.

Obstructions dissolve, new paths are discovered. There is a new profound sense of liberation. As personal limitations disappear, the world is seen with completely different eyes and full senses.

When adapting new attitudes to situations, there is much to be experienced. One may be enjoying getting one over on unjust authority by various methods. There are many wonderful aliveness experiences, sometimes a rush, or a freedom, sensuality, an awakening of the trickster, released resentment, a sense of justice. These are all individual. It is a cat and mouse game and thus can be a game just for the risky fun of it. It can be a crafty and creative process. The skills of hunting, combat, the warrior and knowing nature in an intimate fundamental way may be employed. All of this requires some secrecy and some holding in of the reigns. We do not recommend recklessly walking around naked and damn the consequence. There can be serious consequences.

Most people conform to a common legal and perceived social context of nudity to one extent, or another, or to extremes. The repression could be the law, the wife, the kids, peer pressure, job identity, or the snoop next door. It could be one’s own hang-up.

Life is often a process of unlearning. It is toward liberation from shackles and programing. Nudity and free-range exercise of it, is to my personal experience, consciousness fully in this moment, which is a spiritual imperative. Yes, clothing restricts that.

For many, traveling to a designated free beach, or the expense of a resort is not practical, or even prohibitive. While these places are a very pleasant oasis, they are inherently limiting.

Free Range Naturism can be, I might add, revolution. It can be step toward a freer and just society.

Why AND a website, too?

We will continue to post many of our adventures, trip reports, here each week. We hope that you will find this entertaining and inspirational. There will be a definite thread embedded throughout, which is the sharing of information about how to practice free-range naturism.

In time, you may realize that what may appear to be extreme is a perception based in the truly extreme modern mores wrapped around the nude human body. It is extreme to wear clothing on a hot summer’s day. It is extreme to be afraid, or uncomfortable without clothing. It is extreme to deny our own bodies, to feel shame, to ignore or repress our own being, or to feel superior by imposing these things on others. There are currently boundaries imposed upon us all, the trick is to discover which of those boundaries are imaginary. There is a matrix to awaken into.

We may appear obsessive at times. Free-range naturism is accomplished with passion and determination, no matter what the motivation. It may be a quest for a more natural healthy life, rebellion, or a stealth game to flavor life. When the discovery is made, the passion begins.

Many of us simply don’t have a clue. They are like the powerful elephants in India, tied to a small stump by a thin rope at night. They never realize that they are easily strong enough to just walk away. They have been tied to that stump since they were very young, before they were strong enough to break loose. It is as if one has fallen asleep, walking through life in blinders.


6 thoughts on “What Are We Doing? Why?

  1. sewinudist

    Thanks for the effort you are putting into your posts. I appreciate your comments and excellent photos. Joe


  2. Erik

    Your adventures look awesome. Is there any way you could attach maps to show where you go? I live in el paso and would love to go nude hiking sometime soon.


  3. Dennis Patterson

    Refreshing outlook. Why did I just find you?


  4. handydandy9

    I want to thank you folks for sharing this incredible journey and information,
    hope to chat and share more soon.
    I’m not a perv, I am a real outdoorsman that’s comfortable in my own skin and every chance I get I’m naked a hardly ever think about it.
    I enjoy hiking all over several states and love meeting other like minded people .


  5. Hi guys
    We love the title of the blog. It captures our love for the outdoors and enjoy naturism in our beautiful outdoors. We have been longtime social nudists, but enjoy our time to escape to the serenity of nature.
    We have very much enjoyed your past posts and are looking forward to more.



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