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Ironwood Eclipse I


We have made our way out to the Ironwood National Monument to camp and watch a full lunar eclipse.

I have taken a favorite side route that I have known for decades. I discover that it is now a side road that leads back to the west side of “Ol Ragged Top Mountain. I sit in my seat remembering when this was just an unofficial two track trail winding around the mesquite and Ironwood trees. I’ve been coming here since the 1990’s, originally with “The Southern Arizona Naturist Society” a now defunct non-landed club.

There are a couple of turnoffs to campsites. They are just a clearing with a fire pit of piled rocks where someone else has camped.

We choose one with a good view of the mountain and an unobstructed eastern look across the valley for the moon rise and eclipse.

Ragged Top to the SW

It’s a warm mid-November and summer heat won’t last much longer. The evening will be warm enough this evening to not require clothing, until later.

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Body as Temple

Bodies are like temples.  They are most sacred.  They are as sacred as a church, or any man made object. The following are my many thoughts on the matter. By the end, if you put them together, all or part, they say temple. Each paragraph might stand alone with bullets, but I chose to just let it flow

I’d say that it is a birthright to be naked because it is as using a temple, which is at one with nature, in mind and spirit.

It is important to love and respect the body.  It deserves to be treated as the miracle that it is. It is our vehicle to explore incarnation, to live life. It is a gift.

No matter what, no body is nobody.

This flesh and blood is an object of great beauty and wonder. It is so very complex, what else could it be but a genuine miracle? Pieces of it are numbered in the billions, interacting, functioning together and ready for most situations. It all is just incomprehensible when one realizes how amazing it all is.  

I’d say, most would, that this entire world is a gift. As so, it is spiritual. The body is born out of this. We try to explain and understand the intricate miraculous nature of the body, but always, we are still far behind in understanding its wisdom. Being in my body is a spiritual act in a magnificent temple. The Taj Mahal, Charts Cathedral, the Sistine Chapel can’t ever compare to the amazing place in which each of us dwells.

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Redington Pass V

Laying in It:

We’re in the Waters of Redington Pass.

There’s an initial shock to sitting down into the water with the contrast of the sun baked rock.

The body lays back, taking in the creek water and pressing up onto the warm smooth granite surface. This baked rock is under part of the body, but some of it is submerged in the cool stream.

A small whoosh makes itself noticed, as cool water and wet body meet and make their peace. They work together until comfort arrives.

Laying in the rise of a rock is a contrast. The sun’s above, but cool water is below and around. It laps at my waist. There’s a splash, just a tiny drop really and it’s cool. It tickles my belly and my chest.  They are just other bodily spots coming alive in surprise, a pleasant surprise.

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Redington Monsoon IV


About a month has passed since our last reported visit to Redington Pass during this exceptional Monsoon. There has been change.

Our monsoons last typically, but no way near consistently, for six weeks. This has been the wettest of monsoons in recorded history.  We’re reporting the results of the seasonal rains.


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