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A Week in the White Mountains: Part 4

A Trip Report: 2016-07-28


Up early and out late, again. That morning air-bath and being thawed out by the sun sure has its appeal. We have oatmeal to stick to our guts, as a lasting belly full. I have mixed in a banana and some vanilla yogurt.

Curiously the family that has invaded our privacy and solitude has an extra tent sitting out on the meadow in the sun. Could there be a new influx of intruders? As we pass by, DF figures that it is just getting dried out.

With our curiosity leading the way, not much more, we have decided to try another fork in the same road that we have been down twice now. This one might lead us to the gorge made over eons by the creek. This one might bring us to a creek-side camping spot for the future. It might lead us there and through to the miles in the distance. Perhaps it may lead out of the forest and onto the grassy high plains and vistas looking down into the desert valley to the north. Whatever happens, it will lead to the sense of freedom, connectedness, sensuality and abandon by doing it naked.

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A Week in the White Mountains: Part 3



Early rise, slow start.



Remember, that you can blow up and see greater detail if you just click on the photos.

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My Private Place for Naturism #15

A Continuing Series


I have left this morning for Havarock. I take my camera, hoping to grab some shots of the foliage while things have blooms. There has been an expected change in the last 7 days that we have been gone. I could see it coming before we left on our vacation in the wilds. The feel of the blooming mass of Spring has dissipated. It is because blooms don’t last forever and there has been no rain. Now, the transition to the succulents, Palo Verde, then Ironwood, saguaro and warmer temperatures will replace the many smaller annuals and biannual plants of earlier spring. This has begun. Buds and occasional flowers are attached to the cholla and prickly pear. The mesquite trees have yellow blooms dangling among the new florescent green leaves. Soon DF’s house in town will have a layer of yellow pollen everywhere, to be replaced by an abundance of bean pods, and thoughts of their healthy brown flour.

Barrel Cactus in Bloom

Barrel Cactus in Bloom

It is not desolate. There are very many small treats along the trail, but bold color is not as abundant. The light this day is a bit washed out. It began with a high altitude haze and pollutants have taken away the distinctions in the distant panorama. Still, there is much to love.


The insects are busy. A swarm of bees occasionally passes by, putting naked me on alert.

I climb upon Havarock and enjoy my time in the morning sun for over two hours. I have been studying a massage book that DF is sharing with me (we have decided that we need more massage). As usual, I work on my feet, but this time all of the leg gets close deep attention. This activity is good and healthy. I can feel it and enjoy its entrancing mindfulness as various sensations and releases are discovered. I stretch and do yoga poses. I sit, I lay down in the sun and I listen with eyes closed. The colorful patterns on the inside of my eyelids entertain, as the sound of busy bugs fill the silence. For a while, a tiny lizard travels along the branches of the small mesquite bush of a tree. It raised its body pushing up with its legs, gathering the sun’s energy, like me. I sip on precious water.

The Javelina are not in the little cove today. There are no signs of their recent activity at Havarock. The treat is that all along the trail, there are multiple footprints, not only Javelina, but other wildlife! The easier corridor that I created is handy to everyone. I have heard the obnoxious dog next door barking in the night. It was probably the activity of the pack of pigs that excited him.

The day has started simply and well.

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A Week in the White Mountains: Part 2


Revisiting the World of the Rainbow Family

We take off this morning wearing tops. We can see dark clouds. At camp it is a bit shady and feels chilly.


Soon, some sunshine pops out and with body movement, we realize that we don’t have need for the clothing. We have plastic rain ponchos packed away just in case. Those would be enough to trap our body heat in and keep out cold rain. It is too inconvenient to turn back and drop the encumbrances off.

As we stand in this wide meadow, which will lead us down to the 1998 Rainbow Gathering site. We fold and place our shirts on a shoulder to cushion our pack and water bottle straps.

Screw the shirt!

Screw the shirt!

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A Week in the White Mountains: Part 1


DF had a sudden very disappointing schedule change. Her four day retreat in Slow Low with a friend turned into one day. This caused our four days together, to be after their retreat, to become a week. I had to shuffle to leave four days earlier and decide where to go and what to do. Nude vacations, hiking and camping, especially during monsoon season need planning and contingencies.

I spent hours researching to figure out what the actual conditions were at various locations. I used topo, internet information and Google satellite. I had previously put together a list of nearly all of the perineal water creeks in the White Mountains.  I went through 25. All but one was devastated by the Bear Wallow fire to some extent. It was very discouraging. If the percentage of Arizona Forests that have been consumed by fire and rancher alterations were to be applied to the Amazon forest, we would all be in trouble.  So much is gone, except for patches here and there.

There was one untouched area with a creek. The site of the 1998 Rainbow Gathering. That would be our first destination. Later, we might head out on a backpacking trip. Two creeks had potential. But first we had to get DF to her retreat in a nice mountain home on Saturday night. She would have a full day Sunday….

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