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At the Hot Springs: Part III



Here’s parts I and II:


Another Day Brings….

The winds increase the next day, which is not as the forecast foretold. Our little tent had been luffing like a sail throughout the night. The flexible arched poles would flex and bend, so much that it caused the walls to cower and nudge my thick goose down camping quilt.

We remain bundled to peak out of the tent. We remain bundled to eat breakfast. We wander around bundled in layers of clothing to mediate. We wonder, “What’s with all of the clothes?”

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At the Hot Springs: Part II



Diner and an Epic 3D Movie in Private:

It’s still cold here at the hot springs! We have a diner at camp and then walk to the kitchen for some innards warming tea. Then we stop in the warmer common room to visit with friends.

There is persistent cold and the only way to reasonably be as nature intended is to get back into the warm mineral spring waters. The pools here have different temperatures to choose from. Tonight, we decide to again use the aquatic living room by the pool with its nearing full moon. The sky has been blown clear and moon shadows are everywhere, blue illumination helps us find our way without any kind of a torch.

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At the Hot Springs: Part I


I’m going to put this trip into four parts and publish them with a more rapid timing than weekly. They lead up to a new discovery and the subsequent nude hike through a riparian wilderness.

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Carnuding with a Challenging Surprise:

After a quick trip to Sprouts Grocery and topping off the tank, we take off for the hot mineral springs. It is a bit chilly out there, but warm, nude in the shelter of the SUV.

Today, we exit town through the Davis Monthan Aircraft Graveyard. I hadn’t been this way in a while to see our tax dollars at work. It is several square miles of storage of government aircraft, mothballed and much of it antiquated. It can be seen across the valley as a white lake.

We continue through the vast Southwestern Arizona homelands on the interstate. Texas Canyon opens out into the Wilcox area and the salt flats. The Chiricahua Mountains grow as we get closer.

The contrast of white snow on the mountains as a backdrop to carpets of yellow flowers and blue bells is a fascinating juxtaposition.

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My Private Place for Naturism #28


I’ve been working to prepare my house to put on the market for months now. Long 12 and 13 hour days with lots of hard active work later, DF and I are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. After a particularly long day’s work until 2am, we were awake at 5:30 to greet the photographer.

This schedule has slowed our sense of celebration, but we have a wonderful clear day in the 70F’s to enjoy. We had an intention for a sweat that was to occur the night before and a hike. We can’t do it all. Our long hike to the county line becomes a short walk to Havarock.

We take a camera, a bottle of water, shoes and a couple towels rolled up to rest our heads. We are going to share that big flat boulder and this blessing of winter sun. The sweat will come later. At 11am we’re going to work on our winter tan.

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