At the Hot Springs: Part II



Diner and an Epic 3D Movie in Private:

It’s still cold here at the hot springs! We have a diner at camp and then walk to the kitchen for some innards warming tea. Then we stop in the warmer common room to visit with friends.

There is persistent cold and the only way to reasonably be as nature intended is to get back into the warm mineral spring waters. The pools here have different temperatures to choose from. Tonight, we decide to again use the aquatic living room by the pool with its nearing full moon. The sky has been blown clear and moon shadows are everywhere, blue illumination helps us find our way without any kind of a torch.

It is Thursday, the first day and most of the gatherers haven’t arrived. We find ourselves alone in the hot water nest in the massive pool. The only sound is of the winds in the distance and the more immediate gentle breezes. Occasionally, an intermittent calm is heard. We step into the joy of it all. Orion is flying across the sky under that big moon. The other stars and planets are numerous enough in spite the bright light. Steam is rising over the entire expanse of pool water in pieces.

We star gaze, moon gaze, watch shadows and silhouettes. The light penetrates the water. In the gentle waters in all clarity, our bodies take on a luminous white color. We are naked ghostly white with a dark background.

The temperature “out there” is dropping. On occasion, the steam accumulates on the water, creating a cloud all around us. It is a thick fog, we can just barely make out the trees that surround the pool. Then, a breeze gently drags the cloud, ripping it apart. The fog dances across the water and travels downstream and away. It feels as a mystic world all our own with paths in between the walls of wispy clouds.

It is romantic. We hug and hold each other, as we take all of this in. There is the sensual warmth of the waters, the knowing, the smell of the wet air and occasional drift of the scent of rich pine firewood. As our bodies float and stir, the water resistance grasps body hair in that subtle sensitive way, brushing it in different directions like kelp in a current. It is a gentle world, a womb, a strikingly pleasing blessing.

The continuation in a few days.


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