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Monsoon: The Desert Springs Back to Life

Summer 2006

After a record burying drought, the monsoon has been exceptional. Weird climate change weather patterns have brought incredible life back to the desert. Amazingly thick foliage now blooms.

The desert streams have been flowing more often than not and all through the day. I even got flooded in and out of the neighborhood one day (it hadn’t happened in years and never from the summer rains). The dry washes that create dips in the roads filled with flowing water. There is risk to be lifted and be swept off the road downstream.

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Exploring the Foothills



Be sure to click any image to increase the size, or definition.

This time, we are exploring the foothills of the buttes and mountains to the North of the hot springs.

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Gardner Canyon: Part II



After arriving in Gardner Canyon, we continue our search for an old camping/hiking grounds in nearby Cave Canyon. Part I is here:

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Gardner Canyon Revisited: Part I



DF and I are having Birthdays a week apart. Her celebration is first. She had a number of festivities this week and a well-attended party last week and a celebration birthday suit backpack trip on Mt. Lemmon. Today, my Birthday, we are heading out in our birthday suits again, to camp and hike in the Santa Rita Mountains and explore Gardener Canyon.

It has been decades since either of us have been here. She has come nearby with her women’s group outings. I last visited with my now defunct Southern Arizona Naturist Society (SANS). I have written a story of that outing and its nudity strategy and need some pictures to go with it. Our intention is to also make a new story today.

The Santa Ritas

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