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A Walk in the Park



Often, a place offers a partial glimpse of what is within, but doesn’t reveal it all at once.

Life unfolds.


There was a next to full moon last night. Things can get a bit looney on those nights. People lighten up.

The moon is out early and full in the sky. There are just a few clouds, so the illumination is a wash of light, which gives an almost daytime visibility. I had mentioned these conditions to DF and suggested a full moon stroll on the Tucson river walk.

There is an ever expanding system of asphalt trails along the generally dry Rillito and Santa Cruz Rivers. It expands for many miles now. Along the way, there are the mesquite tree bosques and occasional parks. All are pleasant. We haven’t walked there for several years, but to watch the floods, or the bats come out from under bridges at dusk. We visit the henge on the solstice.

It is approaching 10pm on a Wednesday night, as we are parking in the lot at the Racket Club. I have my camouflage kilt and toe shoes. DF has covered herself with a short light dress. Otherwise, we have left everything, but the car keys.

I must explain. I went back in the daylight and took a few photos to illustrate. You can click them to enlarge and clarify them. It is night and we want just a moonlit walk in the park.

Daytime Biker Between Two Bridges

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The San Pedro River: Part II


We awaken in into an Eden in the San Pedro River. It is time for a stripped down walk about.

Part #1 can be found here:

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Happy 3rd Birthday Website!

July marks three years that I have been coming up with weekly, sometime more often, posts. When I started, I didn’t think that I would have material for three years. I’m pleased for this life that has blessed me with so many naturist adventures and my wonderful partner in those endeavors. We have certainly had a great deal of fun. I am grateful for the friends that have contributed. I look back and life has been a blessing. There is always something new.

I still have enough older material, to cover a few months more. Some is better than others, some a quicker read. We already have had new adventures that will take some more time to get published. We have recently been into Northern Arizona. We have been hiking places near the hot springs. We traveled the San Pedro River Valley, and a rugged trip in the Catalina Mountains. All were new places for us. The bucket list continues to grow. There will be a weekly post for a time.

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The San Pedro River: Part I


The San Pedro River flows north, somehow a rarity in North America. It hosts over two hundred bird species. This is a major migration corridor for 85% of our bird species. The river is part of the two percent of Arizona’s landmass that is considered riparian area.

Ninety-five percent of these riparian water sources are damaged or destroyed. There has been an ongoing struggle to protect this natural treasure. It has dry spots and much of it only flows seasonally. The ground water, which feeds it from the surrounding mountains, is being sucked out with the growth of thirsty communities like Sierra Vista. Conservation measures are in place, but the influence of money, profit and politics, greed disguised as good economics, continue to whittle away at our true wealth.

There is a 40 mile long belt on the river that varies in width that is for wildlife preservation. The river is lined with huge cottonwoods.  Mesquite bosques lie beyond. I only recently found how extensive that this preservation is. I called the visitor center and was told that there was water at the bridge there. Downstream, they didn’t know. We have been in drought for two years. We will use the visitor center bridge section as a backup, in case the river is dry.

There are fewer people downstream near the bridge close to the ghost town of Fairbanks. We are heading to Fairbanks to look for flowing water in the river. We are continuing our birthday celebrations weekend, traveling from a late morning start in Gardner Canyon.

Here is that story:

We’re picking up where it left off.

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Monsoon: The Desert Springs Back to Life: Part III

Summer 2006


Another Monsoon Day

This morning, I am compelled to walk out the old jeep trail behind my house and take some pictures. I’m chronicling the rebirth of the desert in progression and recording the blooms of the monsoon plants for myself. The desert around my house has been transformed into a grassy meadow.

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Monsoon: The Desert Springs back to life: Part II

Summer 2006

We have been exploring the treasures of the Tortolita Mountains created by the desert summer rains. In Part II we head back upstream to continue deeper into the mountains on an old the jeep trail.

Part I is here:

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