Happy 3rd Birthday Website!

July marks three years that I have been coming up with weekly, sometime more often, posts. When I started, I didn’t think that I would have material for three years. I’m pleased for this life that has blessed me with so many naturist adventures and my wonderful partner in those endeavors. We have certainly had a great deal of fun. I am grateful for the friends that have contributed. I look back and life has been a blessing. There is always something new.

I still have enough older material, to cover a few months more. Some is better than others, some a quicker read. We already have had new adventures that will take some more time to get published. We have recently been into Northern Arizona. We have been hiking places near the hot springs. We traveled the San Pedro River Valley, and a rugged trip in the Catalina Mountains. All were new places for us. The bucket list continues to grow. There will be a weekly post for a time.

Changes are coming in our lives. Eventually, there will be more extensive travel out of Arizona and also out of the country with a free range naturist’s bent.

More than those many trip reports, I have articles in the works about aspects of naturism, which I hope are original. Those will eventually pop in here and there.

This has become a kind of online story collection book. I’m going to leave it on the net like a book even if I slow, or even quit my output. I intend to create a table of contents page to help navigation. Just an archives list is muddled. It needs to be presented as reference. People need to be able to find something of interest and go there, not scroll blindly. This place has never been intended as something to swallow at once. These stories can’t get out of date. They will be as fresh as yesterday, for years.

So, Happy Birthday FreeRangeNaturist.org! Tell your friends.

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4 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday Website!

  1. Eric

    Happy Birthday indeed! I’ve enjoyed every one of your posts since the beginning, and I always look forward to new ones. Thank you again for sharing your naturist adventures. For me, there’s nothing more wonderful than participating in nature on equal terms. Well, almost equal . . . with only hat and shoes.


  2. nancy karels

    Thanks for sharing this Jon! I didn’t know anything about it before last weekend. I hope to join you on one of your hikes soon! Nancy


  3. Happy birthday to your blog. But three years, it’s still young!
    I hope you will continue for years.

    Jacques Marie from France


  4. coolbrzy

    Happy birthday to a truly inspiring blog! I always enjoy the details of your treks and look forward to reading your future exploits outside Arizona and beyond the U.S. Best wishes for safe travels and many more amazing, naked adventures! The fantastic smiles in the last picture says it all: Being naked makes everything better!


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