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Bagging Crested Saguaros


This article is an adaptation of a story that I wrote of a day that DF and I spent exploring on ten miles of Tortolita Mountain trails. It was then published in The Naturist Society’s magazine “N” this last summer. I’ve added illustrative pictures from the day for this publication.


There is much to be said of the iconic saguaro cactus and how it seems to communicate, to us. Books have been published featuring pictures of the saguaro in its many forms. The arms can take on comical configurations as they seem to imitate human characteristics. The holes where woodpeckers make their homes can become mouths and eyes with only a smidgen of imagination. With all of this variety, there are those that a stand out in their own way.

This story is about a quest for the crested saguaro. These are freaks in the vast saguaro community. It is said that these, which are identified by a crown at the top, or the end of an arm, are one in ten thousand. They can appear majestic, as if a crowned ruling monarch is presiding over the realm. When coming across one, it is compelling to have to stop and observe in fascination. It is something unique, something very special.

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What is the reason to be naked?

Over at the Free Range Naturism Forum there was a question. “What is your reason (for being naked)?”

I quote Bob’s wise response:

“What is your reason (for being naked)?” is the wrong question and asserts that clothing is the default condition.   WRONG.

Naked is our natural normal state of being.  It needs no reason.

The real question is, “What is your reason to hide your beauty behind layers of ugly fabric?”   Why do you fear to be seen as a human?  What sickness forces your kind to cover yourselves even in the noonday sun, even when fabric and skins hold bacteria and stink, even when mother earth and father sky long for your freedom?

Yes, it feels daring and empowering to disregard the power of a shame based culture and reclaim our natural beauty.  Yes the gentle caress of mother earth and father sky causes us to feel alive and sometimes sexual like a hungry animal.  And yes, we sometimes risk the heavy hammer of a sick society punishing us for daring to be ourselves and out of their control.  But that is not the reason to be who we are and that is not the reason they attack us.

Why do we hide behind fabric or skins?   I throw off those cultural demands as often as I dare to be free of them and their sickness.  I am not imprisoned, nor sick and ashamed of being me.  I no longer accept their irrational and unhealthy reasons for clothes.

I have no reason to be me in the world.  I am who I am and I always will be.  That is creation, not reason.   What reason have they to deny my creation and shun my body?   That is the question.


When the sight of another body of our own species is simply a matter fact, a curiosity, our lives have become much more authentic.

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Relative Luxury in the Ironwood Forest: Pt. II


This is a continuation of Pt. I, which is here:

Remember, when you click the pictures the quantity improves.

When we left off last time, we had had a walkabout out in the direction of Ol’ Ragged Top, a lunch and a siesta.

As far as we can tell, we have this vast monument to ourselves. The road isn’t that far from us, we can’t always hear other vehicles for the noise of the generator powering the air-conditioner. We see only one red pickup truck, which is one that I had encountered a month or more ago, when we had been enjoying the spring flower masses. It is a couple of locals, privileged to live grandfathered into the middle of this grand preserve.

As 5:30pm approaches, we all climb into my 4×4 to explore a trail that I had seen from the satellite map. It appeared to go up the southwestern side of Ragged Top, a good place to catch a sunset.

Ol’ Ragged Top: A View from Camp

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Relative Luxury in the Ironwood Forest


Ironwood National Monument was created by President Clinton’s signature at the end of his term. It was a long process of ranchers, mines, naturalist, several government entities, the University of Arizona and all of the various parties with a stake in the area coming to a satisfactory solution. It was created to preserve a treasure. There are just two intact ironwood forest ecosystems left on our planet. We want to share with you the beauty, the awe and the grace of this natural monument. Its status of being protected is in jeopardy. The current federal administration has been ordered by the president to review it and potentially place it on the chopping block. We hope to inspire you to write your congressman, and appropriate administrators, talk and network among those that you know. Your letters and comments do have influence.

So in celebration….


We load up and carnude out to Ironwood National Monument, which is northeast of Tucson. We are to meet a pair of friends out there and stay a couple of days and nights in their 31 foot motorhome, camping in relative luxury compared to the backpacking that we have been getting used to. The temperatures, will be highs in the 80F’s and lows in the 50F’s, then moving into mid’90F’s for the first time in this unusually cool May.

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DF Does One Solo: A Trip Report


I’m the ghost writer for DF on this one. The voice is meant to be hers.


Last Friday, I left work at noon and took off from Tucson to spend the weekend with my friend Amy at the Essence of Tranquility Hot Springs, near Safford Arizona.

On the way out of town, on the freeway, I decided to slip off my pants. I haven’t traveled with clothing for a while and never on the way to Safford. Yet, I’d never done this alone. I managed to slip them off and get comfortable, although I still left my T-shirt on. I drove the 100 miles, more or less, of interstate highway like this without stopping.

When I turned off of the interstate I-10 onto the highway 191, and away from the truckers, I pulled my top over my head, and now felt convenient and comfortable completely nude. It is another 30 minutes, or more, to the Hot Springs.

When I arrived at the hot springs, I pulled up and put my clothes on in the parking lot. I checked in, met my friend and got settled into one of the cute little bungalows.

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Sutherland Trail


It is Halloween weekend. We start out attending a costumed event as a pair of famous naked people. Sunday, we decide to have a hike up the Sutherland Trail at the foot of the Catalina Mountains. We have to be back to my place by 2pm to host a community sweat.

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Rethinking Strategies When Encountering Others

Jbee and DF choose naturism and nudity.  We feel free and natural, healthy, and wholesome. We are more aware, more in the moment, more spiritually free, when we are naked. We don’t wear clothing, unless we feel the need. We go nude, whenever that is possible. It is fun, cooler in the heat and altogether positive.

We are liberated and free to be nude in our domestic lives and in some social settings where we can be casually nude among friends.  We do what we can to live in liberation. Above all, we love the naturism of camping and hiking.  We seek remote places to explore with our bodies, mindfulness, and meditations. We experiment with the wonderment of our natural world, its relationship with our own nature and our spiritual consciousness.

Yet in this pursuit, we have another barrier to body freedom to break down.  When hiking, we occasionally encounter another textiled person, or group and we have been thinking about our response in those situations. Generally, we have covered up hurriedly.  But is this the correct way to promote the benefits, public understanding and society’s emancipation of naturism? Hiding our natural body gives off an air of guilt, and this misrepresents our feelings and the innocence of what we do in a nude state.

What does this communicate?

Hiding, for us, became artful stealth in the illusion that the world is populated with people who object to naked people and this began to suffocate the freedom of our spirits.  But with increasing experience and increasing boldness not to let others denigrate our chosen way of being and its benefits, we have collected anecdotal experience ourselves and from other bolder nude hikers about encounters with textiles. We are by no means alone – there are many naturists seeking to be naked in nature.

The conclusion is very encouraging.  Our findings are that a vanishingly small proportion of people, certainly less than 5%, have an objection.  Around a fifth of people encountered, while a little uneasy in the unfamiliar situation, soon express no harm with being around naked hikers and profess no problem or alarm.  The clear majority see nothing wrong with the choice to not to wear clothes.

Recently, there was an article about “naking” in The Naturist Society’s “N” magazine. The authors have been hiking naked, much of it on the Appalachian Trail, for years now. I’ll quote, “We have seen and met hundreds of people during our naked hikes. A lesson that we learned quickly and has shaped our behavior is this: the way that you behave sets the tone for how others will accept your nudity. It sounds simple and it may even sound a little crazy, but it is true. If you are happy and friendly and appear to have no understanding that being unclothed is NOT the norm, then the people that you encounter will behave that way, too.” Being comfortable in your skin’ sounds simple and evidently has the desired effect.

“Have a great day!”

Among those that have a more considered and active toleration are Forest Service employees.  Due to its frequency, they accept simple nudity where the trail is sparsely populated, or deserted, but prefer that you to cover up in camping sites and busy trailheads. There is no Federal nudity law, so the Forest Service will only act where there is a supportable complaint (rare).

Of course, there may be places and situations where we need to comply with the many miscellaneous State laws or the specific instruction of an authority there at the time. They may (or may not) be appropriately interpreting the law, or our rights, but they can mean trouble. There is a common-sense component to apply.

We now realize that we have errored on the side of caution during our nude travels. Therefore, we have reformulated and clarified our responses to encounters with people. While nude hiking, we shall turn away from embarrassment and guilt and towards a bolder more authentic response, to act with integrity and promote the higher good of emancipation of naturism in these and possibly many other circumstances.

So, if we were to encounter an objector, then our response will be one of calm, non-combative assertiveness and the recognition that the problem is theirs, not ours.  By liberating ourselves from others’ prejudice and prurience, we may then be able to engage with others’ indignation and try to educate. We may be able to defuse any objector’s hang-ups.  We must, of course, act with care, but hopefully we may convince those objectors we encounter that we are just ordinary, nice people without clothing.  In the end, their resolve not to understand may exceed our capacity to communicate reason and of course, aggression cannot be tolerated.  In such cases, there would be no real alternative than to cover up and leave the situation.

Our thoughts turn to somewhat more sensitive situations where there might be adults with children.  Then simple measures to cover genitals and breasts might be prudent. In such events, we would hope that we could satisfy parents’ fears by covering up the legal minimum and show that prior to the encounter we were comfortably naked. This, as example to the children, merely suggests that nudity is a valid choice which anyone can make, and that it is very much okay.

Even with our knowledge of usually favorable experience of encounters and with our many years of positive enjoyment hiking naked, we still know that to achieve our aim, we must embark on a cautious and incremental journey to confront our own prejudices.  We still carry our own early conditioning not to be seen nude. DF has even confessed that still a small voice inside sometimes says, “Good girls don’t do these things.” There is the expectation of negative responses from others.  There will have to be an unlearning of these ingrained yet inappropriate responses.  Success with our own self-knowledge and confidence will achieve a more comfortable, natural and pure mental state which we trust will be evident to those we meet whether friendly, or hostile.

We believe our choice is positive, harmless, and healthy.  We trust that our inner emancipation can be communicated to anyone we meet out in the wilds and that we can make a positive contribution to the understanding of others, to the banishment of unnecessary, oppressive, social stigmas, and to the emancipation of all those who embrace a nude and more natural  lifestyle.


Thank-you Nuduke for your consulting.

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