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Sutherland Trail


It is Halloween weekend. We start out attending a costumed event as a pair of famous naked people. Sunday, we decide to have a hike up the Sutherland Trail at the foot of the Catalina Mountains. We have to be back to my place by 2pm to host a community sweat.

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Happy Valley, Sad Day


We lost a friend, after eight years of battling cancer. Because she grew up in Benson and lived so many years in Tucson, it was decided that the memorial service would be held half way between. Happy Valley, is a good point. We hadn’t been back since our trip during the monsoon season in 2013. At that time, the rains had created a place green as Ireland and its rolling hills.

This weekend it will be a much drier place after months of drought. The contrast will be interesting.

Since we will be making the trip, we decided to spend a night and do a hike the next day. We also have decided to leave Tucson a little early and to see what we can do before the afternoon service.

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