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Hidden and the Secret Aspects of Behavior Described as Naturism.

I wrote this paper for a class while pursuing my Master’s degree several years ago. I think it still holds up.

It describes the legal and societal position of casual nudity and associated activities around the beginning of this century.  Within this context, it provides factual intellectual arguments, which justify behaviors. It is still valid today. It seeks to be objective, yet convincing.

In advance, the original Format was done in the APA formal style, a bit odd, but not incorrect. Then now, it has been reformatted into this:


Hidden and the secret aspects of behavior described as naturism.



There is a tremendous popular acknowledgement of the value of the act of being naked (Charles, M., et al. 2007). The internet is flowing with numerous naturist and nudist organizations throughout the world. Many beaches and other locations have been, over the years, declared liberated and are recognized as clothing optional. As millions express their humanity in social settings across the globe there are millions who are opposed to the practice of going without clothing. Social mores, that have deep roots, require bodily covering in multitudes of variations of degree and style. In the United States the mandatory use of clothing is enforced by stringent and various laws, many of which deliver powerful consequences. The act of nudity is often seen as an act of perverse and dangerous behavior, especially when it involves children. This report intends to study where and why these naturist behaviors occur outside of the carefully created social and cultural boundaries. The hidden and the secret aspect of behavior described as naturism, its context and how it may be dealt with shall be discussed.

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Chiricahua National Park


We are started very late due to circumstances beyond our control. It is a beautiful day, maybe a tad hot, but being naked in an air-conditioned car eradicates such concerns.

We have driven the two hours down the Interstate highway to Wilcox, a small central hub of a town alone in a vast expanse between Tucson and New Mexico. It has thrived amongst some irrigated farmland in the valley between mountain ranges, the cattle ranchers and as a stop on the highway. Here, on the two lane highway to the south, it is open grass and rangeland, all dry from the extended drought.

We are heading for the Chiricahua National Monument, which is a collection of hoodoos much like Bryce in Utah. Not as colorful, not as prolific, but there are not over two million visitors each year. I have found what is described as the least populated trail and it all sounds fascinating as it leads to a natural bridge.

Trails Throughout

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A Vast Field on Top of the World: Sunset

Early July 2020


It is sunset time, the exciting time for the sky. We are sitting on the top of a mountain arena. It is flat at 10,000 feet. It is the highest spot, save a few surrounding hills. This dome has a vast field on it amongst a deep forest.

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The Hot Springs a Great Lament

Last January I was moving out of my house an epic ordeal, twenty years getting packed up. February brought us to Zipolite. We missed the scheduled group visits to the Hot Springs.

March brought us to the newness of the Covid scare. The rest of the schedule for Spring was cancelled, too dangerous to risk the health and welfare of the tribe. The announcement reminded us that we would be together next Fall.

We have arrived at “Next Fall.” The pandemic lingers today. The entire soaking season has been cancelled. There is something about using mask at the springs. Yes, it would stifle the community and then there is that risk to others.

So, tonight I lament. There is sadness. Mt. Lemmon burnt down, many places are more crowded. I was certainly looking forward to the joy of days at those springs, glamping nude in the Eden-like atmosphere.

I have some pictures and I have memories of the reality of hot mineral springs. Here we were last Fall: Continue reading

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It isn’t Getting Naked It’s Coming Home

The region around Tucson, Arizona, etc. sustains me. I have come to need these places to ground myself in my being. It has taught me truth and become necessary as a part of my spirit and sense of purpose and place in the world, in life. In short a healthy addiction, something that I couldn’t comprehend life, or care for life, without. Living life without nature and the experience of tasting it naturally, is not fulfilling.

The nature that I share here with you, is as a portal into my inner peace.

There is food, there is shelter, there are interpersonal actions, all necessary for happiness, but this sense of what I am and the wonder, what I’m a piece of, is every bit as important. Otherwise there is only an ego that demands to be fed, and empty part that isn’t fulfilled. I’m left with a restless longing within me.

Yea, that’s what I’m trying to convey with this blog. Every sense, breath, every tingle in every moment needs to be experienced and naturism is a key to that. That is something that we have all known in human history, and are cut off from today. Something becomes imprisoned by our own beliefs and perceptions and creations. The stress, the fears, the news, there is a whole world that we can largely do nothing about, that is stealing away with more personal energy than it justifies.  And, we are to be more than animals surviving. The key to experiencing that starts with the baring of the body and the awareness found in that act’s gifts. It isn’t getting naked, it’s coming home.

One can attack nature, create the mighty hunter, play warrior games with Indian friends (Yes, Hendrix “Castles Made of Sand). You can use use it as a gymnasium only. Nature’s abode can be used as an escape from something, a place of freedom, a venue to party with people, to get blasted. Some just see the potential for condos in a given vista, but being naked there brings one home in a different sense. Experiencing life naturally may bring home a oneness, a sense of a something very real.

I’m saying that naked makes a change in perception, however one can do all of the human activity listed above nude. Focusing on the difference nudity brings, I am guided to my sense of naturism.

Just a taste, maybe a few minutes on a frosty night, to breathe, to feel every sense, to just be aware of what is, without all of the rest. Seeing the stars and the glistening across the ground, the feet alive, being aware of the adjustment, I think you know what I mean at those times. There’s a particular humanity to a simple act. I think that we all need that. You can fully experience and then get warm and shelter after the momentary journey.

Say, “It isn’t getting naked, it’s coming home.” I think that I found a slogan!


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