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The Naked Hermit

I recently got a copy of “The Naked Hermit.” This book comes from material gathered for a Ph.D. thesis, written by Nick Mayhew-Smith. He spent several years exploring numerous locations and milling through ancient manuscripts. He compiled a list of around fifty people, both men and women, who for Christian religious reasons had participated and lived as naked hermits.

This book focuses on a time in between in what are now the British Isles. A time when the mandate was to create a mass conversion of a Pagan population and Rome wasn’t in close control.

Many found themselves in bodies of water doing sacred rituals. Some, the originals, were desert dwellers. The author provides a plethora of those who could be described as monks.

The author spent various lengths of time doing his best to walk in these people’s shoes, that is lack of,  on location. He explains the profound insight that he discovered exploring the nudity and reclusive behavior.

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Rebirth in the Rain


I hear it outside of my window. I jump up and look to be sure of the familiar sound.” Plop, plop,” I haven’t heard this sound in a long time.

These are big rain drops. The patio has polka dots bigger than silver dollars. It’s the warm and tropical kind, that comes during this season up from the Gulf of Mexico. I’m excited. I step outside just to be sure, to find out if this is that wonderful warm summer stuff…that I love to dance in.

The plop sound on my naked body is accompanied by a sting like a soft pellet. The first has me alarmed, then each successive dollop becomes a sensual message, a delight to awaken me all over.

I climb up onto the granite slab just out my doorway. The polka dots have now melded together into a sheen. The sun has it glowing like a layer of wax, bringing distinction to the rock around me.

There had been a dusting during the last few days. A fine powder had been deposited on every surface. This quickly has become a mud, a transparent slippery slime. I become careful. My bare feet must slowly grip the surface with its contours and be assured with every step.

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Tortolita Traverse


Memorial Day weekend was cooler than average. The swimming pool parties had no swimmers in the still too cold waters. The whole of Spring has been like that, but we know that June and the hot times are on the way and we will then be hiking in the higher elevations. Last night, as we were playing music outside, we all knew that we were probably sitting in the last chilly evening.

The morning is feeling wonderful. We have a plan to explore a trail that I saw on satellite images. A couple of weeks before, we were bushwhacking our way up a wash in a part of Tortolita that I didn’t know was there. We had been stopped by a nearly dry waterfall cliff. This trail intersects that wash and appears to bypass the waterfall. It will give us access to the rest of the canyon and possibly a trail that would traverse and take us clear back into our own neighborhood.

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Nude vs. Clothed

Most of the following sense is not my original content. It was posted September 2015 by randomfactsgeekjga in Uncategorized. The original can be found at:

I added the illustrations and my addendums here for this presentation.

You know that it all just makes a whole lot of common sense!

Nudism is freedom. Naked is natural, naked is beautiful, naked is fun, naked is healthy, naked is happy, naked is never outdated, naked is friendly, naked is cool , naked is the best! Continue reading

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