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Happy Valley Waterfalls


It is always good to have a backup plan to assure nude friendly weather conditions. We had plans to visit the top of Mt. Lemmon, but monsoon thunder and lightning storms are predicted this weekend. Our alternative is to not campout, but we’ll do a day trip instead. The prediction in the Rincon Mountains is heavy showers, which may cause flooding after 11am and before 11pm. This generally means that the creeks will run. There will be this break in the morning, before more rain. We will also enjoy cooler temperatures.

We visited a new found waterfall a year ago. That story is here:

We hope to find the water falls running and that the pools are filled with fresh water for swimming.

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My Private Place for Naturism #22


We set up the outdoors bed last night. The moon will be full in a couple of days. In its evening transit, it did drown out some of the stars and illuminated the surrounding desert.

Our intention is to observe the annual meteor showers, lying on our backs, cuddling together, enjoying naked sensuality and freedom. Lying here under the stars, in the more pristine desert, we have a sense of place in the universe. There is stark quiet.

I see one meteor, then another and another. DF misses them, somehow. I’m getting a familiar twinge of frustration and jealousy from my partner. This has happened often, when gazing for meteors. I’m commenting on falling stars in awe and amazement, and she is wondering, if I’m just putting her on. I see another, “Wow, did you see that one?”

Finally, she does see one with me. She is feeling better about things, excited for the next one.

She soon sees another. This time, I don’t see it. I smile and wonder if she’s putting ME on.

The meteors dissipate in frequency. A flashing plane creeps over and then a lone flash appears just as bright. We ask each other, “Could it have been a meteor coming right at us?”

Eventually, there is another burst of shooting stars, which is followed by a lull.

The main event won’t be for a couple of hours. We wonder if we will be awake for it. This moment is a good place. So, we’ll see.

I comment that the weather is perfect out here. I’m incredibly comfortable.

After a while, someone whispers,” Do you feel that cool breeze?” I do and it is a delight. Then, nearly immediately, we’re commenting together, as we find a warm breeze rolling over our bodies. No words are spoken, just that awareness of the person next to me feeling the fun of it, too. It’s a naked thing.

Turtle Dove and Road Runner Warm themselves in the Morning Sun

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Investigating Glen Eden Sun Club


We took off to California for a few days. It was cold, and then it was LA congestion. We were treated to a stay in a wonderful house on Huntington Beach staying with relatives during a wedding reception. Still, I broke any recent record for spending time clothed, continuous Saturday morning to Tuesday noon. The only nudity, other than under the sheets and shower, was about five minutes on a second floor balcony overlooking the beach and estuary, sitting in a hammock in the dark.

Some Little Body Always in that Hammock

That isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy myself. We had a barbecue on the beach and I also enjoyed jogging there among the birds and waves. The company was good and warm. The second floor of the place overlooks an estuary with representatives of all of the common bird species hanging out at once. A young granddaughter was there. We watched her excitement.

Balcony View

We left the beach’s area and survived those LA freeways, arriving near Corona at Glen Eden Resort. I had not been there, but had been curious for years. The weather was not easy to predict, heck it’s January, so we figured that in the least, we could use the indoor pool and sauna.

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