Halloween 2018

Halloween’s back. This year we are feeling lazy about this holiday and making costumes, so we decided to just go naked….

We took last year’s nude body tights and placed strategic censorship bars on them with black duct tape….

Went to the first bar and won a prize. We thought that it had something to do with the band/judges being friends.

We went to an Anniversary Party at another bar afterward. It was chilly in the night, so I put on a shirt and DF a shawl. The music was faster paced, it was filled with strangers.

We took off our wraps to show off our costumes. It felt kind of genuinely naked, actually. We began to spin around on the dance floor and then saw people pointing. Compliments kept popping up. We were attracting lots of attention.

An announcement was made that there would be a costume contest. Only about a dozen of us took it on. Now, we found ourselves naked on stage, under bright lights being cheered! We won hands down!

People love naked people.

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