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Butts in the Shade: Part II: Muddled Up


We have been camped this weekend at the mineral springs with a pair of friends as our guests. It is their first time here. Having had a short exploratory hike, we have decided to take a mineralized mud bath together.

The mud is supposed to be therapeutic and fun. We have seen others slogging back looking quite happy with their situation. It is our turn. Continue reading

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Cool Butts in the Shade


We arrive, having driven through the fertile Gila River’s valley with cotton growing right up to the side of the road. The big sky is wide open, decorated in the same turquoise color everywhere. We had gotten a start later than we intended, but accept our day as it is unfolding.

We are to spend a couple of days at the hot springs with a pair of guests. Here’s the tale.

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Meeting the Nudukes and Stalking Flamingos


We drive up to New River Arizona after dropping off DF’s wonderful granddaughter. Somehow, we get there without bothering to get undressed! I comment and query to DF as we near our destination, “Wow, this is the first time in a long time that we have traveled anywhere dressed. And we’re heading to a naturist resort to top it off! Doesn’t it seem weird to be going to a naturist resort wearing clothes?”

Upon arrival at Sangrala Ranch Resort, we strip completely immediately, that is as soon as the car’s motor turned off. We go into the office, check in and will wait for Nuduke to give us a call to rendezvous. They will have been traveling a long distance today and have to check into their resort and settle in, as well.

We decide that our wait will be in the pool. We grab two towels and cell phones  and place them on a nearby chair as we skinnydip. The phone rings, I jump out of the pool and answer. We have time to go get dressed and travel to the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, which is a very nice upscale resort in Scottsdale.

Have you ever had a correspondence with someone online frequently through years, but never meet in the flesh? This was such a couple. Nuduke and I had been members of “The Secret Naturist Society.” It was a sort of internet pot belly stove in the general store kind of place. A group of us would sit around and discuss our naturist lives there. Generally, talk was about a stealth exploit, where one wouldn’t normally be naked.

I have little to know about the Mrs., other than that she is not apt to participate in social nudity.

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