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San Pedro Cactus Fascination

A couple of nights each year my San Pedro cacti bloom. We have to observe them at night, or early morning twilight, so in stealth, undressed we do it.

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Okay, Let’s Try That Again

The Gila Box: Part II


After exchanging transportation, Sunday, early, we drive off, again. Instead of our four-wheeling through the wilderness, we will tour the area and stay around the regular campsite. We hope that we will be among trees and water.

Three hours later, we arrive at a kiosk and view area.

There is a great band of green and a river below. The desert is sparse here for miles, but for this canyon, which is a ribbon of green filled with trees. It is about 26 miles of perennial water, and a couple of tributaries that add to it. We will be going up the Bonita Creek, as there is a road there, and checking for a place to stay and hike along the water.

I had spoken with the ranger, who told me of camping and a good hike. Sadly, I am about to find out how misleading his information is.

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The Gila Box trip: Part I


Saturday we were off to the Gila Box Preserve. Check out this site and there is a map:

I had been researching and we were to be about 20miles out in an area with ancient cave dwellings and beaver dams, alone and happy. We are happily carnuding down the Interstate in Baja Arizona.

About 40 miles out of town the temp gauge goes up. As I pull to a stop at an exit off of I-10, there is smoke pluming out of the nose of the truck. At the stop sign, we quickly grab our clothes.  There is just enough time to dress, when two guys pull up alongside and ask if we need a push off of the road. It is a close one in several ways.

Our SUV sadly needs a tow as fluid is leaking. We sit and wait, looking at the desert and speculating “how bad is it.” We get loaded up and climb up and into the large tow truck. As we ride along, I comment about what we can see and check out the trucker’s eye view of the other cars. I intend to use this as a reference for carnuding. Every dark cloud has a touch of learning experience around it. Surprised, we can see all through most cars down below as we pass them, this is even before we are parallel to them on the highway. There are quite a few with tinted glass that helps block the view, but not totally.

I mention this to the driver and DF. Then the driver tells us that, “Yes, you can see lots of the weirdest stuff.” He goes on about conversations with other drivers at truck stops that he has had about the nude people. He tells us his own story about sighting a woman with her top at her waist, like he can’t figure out why. He says that she wasn’t attractive and when the other trucker on the CB stated that he was going to track that down, he thought it a waste of time. We are smiling and looking knowingly into each other’s eyes, trying real hard not to laugh. It is great to smile in the middle of our messed up vacation. We have experienced and gathered useful firsthand information.

We drop the truck off at DF’s place. I get unloaded and get a ride out to my house in Tortolita. Her car is waiting there. While waiting for the tow, we had decided to have a vacation anyway. We can still parry it down and use her small car. We have been camping with her car before. We get re-naked, reduce and I pack the things up.

We’ll continue in a few days: “Okay, Let’s Try That Again: A Trip Report”

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Naked to the County Line


We have been planning to hike this spot for years. It takes give or take two hours to march up to the windmill in our Tortolitas. At that point it gets interesting, but after that harch and knowing that there will be two more hours back, it is less fun to hike further out and then back, especially in this terrain. With the 4×4, we got to that point in half an hour and feeling pretty fresh.

There is often a pattern for many free ranging naturists. They go further in increments. Maybe it starts as nudity in the house. Then, moving on to a back porch, or visiting a resort. The pattern is the expansion of boundaries. Going where one hasn’t gone before and finding a sense of greater liberation. It can be a game. It can be a challenge, or a personal dare. The progression continues as more and more free range habitat is explored. More and more, the boundary increases will reveal to us just how much, how far and how long we can be freely nude in our lifestyle.

This is a story of exploring further, just as anyone might do. It is also, a naturist’s quest to go further than before. To know that I can walk for miles nude, helps me feel compensation for the limits placed on me by unjust law. We want to at least sense that we are free to roam unencumbered. On this day, we decided to see if we could walk naked all the way to the next county.

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Box Canyon, Arizona: Trip Report



With both of us not working on a Tuesday and the weather particularly excellent, I began to look for a new free range naturist adventure in the wilds. I had looked into Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains, but then realized that it is at a higher elevation and colder. What is the sense in having excellent weather for naked and then going someplace cold? I had read about a mountainous area near Florence Arizona on a 4×4 club website. When a friend told me that it is some of his favorite 4×4 places, I decided to research. Its elevation is close to that of Tucson and the temperatures are similar. I inquired with another friend, a rock hound, and was told enthusiastically about the delights there. We could get back in there and probably find some good hiking.

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