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Maverick Spring: Part II


We are visiting Maverick Springs by way of Green Mounting Trail in the Catalina Range.

Part I is here:




It is pleasant to awaken under a canopy of trees with a sky blue background and the warmth of the sun on my face. I have been comfortably wrapped up in our camping quilt and a down jacket with its hood. Now, I am realizing the warmth and peeling off layers accordingly.

I stretch on the air-mattress, realizing that the tent is just long enough. I am also aware that my calves got a workout yesterday walking downhill with that extra weight. The new style five-finger shoes without the heel strap only created slippage. My ankles had to compensate on the rough extremely uneven surfaces. I’ll be doing stretches more this morning.

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Maverick Spring: Part I


We have had the Green Mountain Trail on the bucket list for several years. Our destination is an off shoot of the Green Mountain Trail called Maverick Springs Trail. My internet research has shown me that there is a concrete cistern there with water “always.” We can’t be certain according to the Forest Service representative on the phone. She has never been there.


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Green Mountain Trail: The Reconnoiters: Part II

2014-06-13 and 2015-06-26

I have been solo in the Catalina Mountains working out a camping tarp arrangement:

After I break camp, I stop about a ¼ mile past San Pedro Vista, which is a very popular lookout to the San Pedro River Valley and beyond.

Looking Out to the San Pedro Valley

}  I am at the Green Mountain Trailhead parking lot. I have had hopes for this spot. Going up the previous day, there was only a white SUV. The same one is still there.

As I pull up naked, I have to park away because the people are just coming out to get in and leave. They drive off and I figure that the trail is mine. I don’t know how far that I will hike. The plan is to walk this, but I am most interested in just looking things over for future, longer backpacking sojourns.

Everything has been either stair step up, or down in this mountain range. I know by my research, that this one is a downhill and any distance would be uphill on the return. I am already feeling tired. I’m sure that I haven’t yet acclimated to the elevation.

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Mt. Lemmon experiments and Green Mountain Trail: Part I


The purpose of this trip is to try out my new bivy bag and experiment with tarp shelters and guy-lines. I have some purchases to make and I need to get better information. Also, I need to study and this would afford me time and solitude for that. It also would be nice to get out of the June heat and into the refuge of the pines trees at 9000 feet.

The ultra-light weight can open up many new opportunities for stealth camping and hiking freely in more remote areas. Eight to fifteen pounds is an entirely different experience from an old 45 pound rig filled with comforts on my back.

I don’t know where I am headed really, just Mt Lemmon. There was a trail at 7000 ft. and a camping area at around 9000ft. All along the way up here, I have been looking for spots where I might be able to camp and then hike just out of sight of the beaten path, checking terrain, vegetation and possibilities of water.

This is always a beautiful drive. I had to stop with another motorist facing me in the other direction, to allow the safe road crossing of a young coatimundi, a very unusual delightful sight.

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