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From Eden to Paradise Part 1: A Trip Report


We acquired a three day, two night permit into Aravaipa Canyon’s west side about 13 weeks beforehand. They are in demand. We have traveled into the eastern entrance a few times previously. We have only been to the trailhead of the western entrance.  Time and circumstance fall into place and we have realized that we can also spend the two days before this trip, at the Hot Springs.

I have reported on our trips to the Hot Springs before. I don’t want to be redundant, but it has been a favorite spot for our naturism when it is available for us. This time, it is the prelude to a much needed get away.

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A 40 Year Old Naturist Community Closes the Door

Drachman St., Tucson, Arizona


It is twelve o’clock noon and the last day of the Drachman Sweat. Lee, the benefactor, had decided to sell the property and now the day has come. At the entrance, we part the springy chain-link gate, holding it for each other as we pass through. The community billboard greets us. This is where anything from billets about concerts, local bands, political activities, lost this, found that, meditation circles, rooms to rent and for sale have been pinned up on notice, over the many years.

We then step around the concealing wall and into the small outdoor living room of a reception area. From here the volunteer host may keep watch over the entire scene. We see familiar faces conversing around the turquoise swimming pool, and further out under the massive mesquite trees. Children splash with their friends in the pool, along with the other skinny dippers. We turn to our smiling volunteer host, who is checking us in with the clipboard filled with a couple of hundred names. Continue reading

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Tonopah Continued: A Trip Report


We are on a weeklong tour in Arizona. We have made reservations to stay in a Buddhist retreat building at the hot mineral baths of the Casa Blanca Hotsprings in Tonopah.

The first part of this series is here:

The next day, my Birthday, we awake to walk the labyrinth and to embrace our leisure. The plan is to hike the nearby mountains and to remain in celebratory Birthday Suits.

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Tonopah: A Trip Report


Monday, we are beginning a weeklong tour in Arizona. We have reservations to stay in a Buddhist retreat building at the hot mineral baths of the Casa Blanca Hotsprings, in Tonopah. We carnude up the back way, missing most of the Phoenix sprawl. This is west of Phoenix. There is a truck stop, the Little Feet song “Willin’” mentions this place. The sound of the heavy diesel trucks and the Interstate Highway 10 is heard much of the time. There is a restaurant on the corner, and not much else, unless you have a flat tire. But down the street is a mass of reeds and bamboo, in a little oasis, and it feels like an oasis. This is actually camel country from days gone by.

Tonopah actually is a native word meaning hot water under a bush. There is a hot spring with accommodations next door. The current owners of this place had just sold that. That is still in operation, today in 2017.

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