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Agua Fria: A Trip Report


We had come down from the Bradshaw Mountains to escape the predicted cold and rain. This spot in the Agua Fria National Monument had been recommended to us by a gold panning enthusiast a couple of evenings before. We have found comfort in the warm desert in a Mesquite bosque. Tomorrow we will venture through the bottom of the Black Mesa Canyon.

We had stripped our warm night clothing off as the night progressed in our cozy tent. It felt good to not feel the uncomfortable cold of the nighttime mountains, to snuggle together naked and warm.

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A Week in the White Mountains: Part 5: A Trip Report



Up and alive a 6:45! There’s a large wispy cloud formation changing the light to something like a slight overcast. Naked, I walk out into the large meadow, being careful to stay in the warm sunlight. It was cold last night, but things are changing fast. Standing there, I put my hand up to block the direct glare from my eyes. I glance down the fairway-like meadow toward where the Rainbow Gathering had been. The rays are going through these unusual clouds, creating a small circular rainbow over the site.


As I return, DF is up and gathering her wits. We take a stroll to the springs arm in arm, with cameras in hand.


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Free Range Gathering Pt. 2: A Trip Report


Back to the High Forests

This is the next part of the Free Range Naturist gathering in Dewey Arizona.  After deciding to split up, Ken and Amie head for dinner. Duane , DF and I are off to find a campsite before dark. The beginning of the tale and background to this, can be found here:

We don’t know where we might end up, nor what opportunities might appear. We had abandoned a very good campsite in the forest this morning. These mountains are crowded with campers on weekends and we certainly can’t be assured of a spot. The following morning, our plan is to explore the head waters and the upper Hassayampa River.This is that tale.

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Free Range Naturist Gathering Pt.1: A Trip Report

The Bradshaw Mountains


On Our Way:

I have been conversing almost daily with some free range naturists on the internet for more than a decade. I have only met a couple out of the clan. There are three of us regulars, who live in this region of the United States, Duane, Ken and myself. DF and I met them in the flesh for the first time on a trip to the Bradshaw Mountains near Prescott, Arizona.  We had the first regional get together, joined also by Ken’s wife Amie.

We left Friday afternoon, heading north. The sunset was magnificent.


We avoided most of the Phoenix rush hour. As we carnuded through the urban sprawl, night fell completely, diminishing any chance of discovery of others on the road next to us. Heading up away from the valley and desert floor, the stars became more frequent and the traffic eased into the flow of the soft bends of the mountain highway.

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