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Return to Tortolita


Most of you may realize that about two years ago, I moved back into Tucson proper from my desert home in the Tortolita Mountains. Today, DF and I went back for a visit and to hike into the mountains.  We’re hoping that it will feel fresh for us.

It is mid- February, so the desert is just coming out of winter. However, thanks to climate change, today the higher 70F’s have hit with an absolutely cloudless sky.  It is a perfect day in Tortoltila.

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Art and Practical Nudity

Something I found and saved awhile back:

“I found being naked to be a humbling experience . . . There were no clothes that could make me feel like I was anything other than who I am:  A being created by God, whose purpose is to find, and do, whatever He created me to do. . . Being naked isn’t a means of attaining inner peace.  But: Being naked can direct a person towards the source of inner peace: God. . . What I will do, is allow the humility that being naked made me feel to direct my heart to the only one who can satisfy my deepest, most desperate desires. . . you’re not a freak or a pervert if you want to be naked.  God meant for you to be naked. . . I see the desire to be naked as a desire to return to God — a desire to reclaim the relationship with God, the relationship with our fellow human beings, and the relationship with the world, that was lost as a result of Adam’s and Eve’s sin.”

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that suitable clothing should be worn for activities and that if the suitable attire is not to wear any clothing, then that is what should be done.

I am on the forum of often, if you would like to converse.

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Ironwood Eclipse III


We have been camping in Ironwood National Monument for the last couple of days. We have an extra day after an evening with a lunar eclipse and a day hike. After another beautiful evening in the desert with a fire, we have a lax day to enjoy as we slowly return to Tucson.

The next day during breakfast, the campers up the road roll out, leaving it all to us once again. This is pretty much an entire National Monument populated by nude us. The sense of freedom soars.

We break camp in no hurry. The heat of the day is coming as we drive off. We will take our time.

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Ironwood Eclipse II


We are camped in The Ironwood National Forest (Monument) after being up late to watch a lunar eclipse.

Having been up late, we make an easy morning. The evening chill is replaced by a sunny sky.  Blankets and coverings go away. There are no clothes for breakfast.

Ragged Top is as magnificent as ever. We wander west, straight into the desert to explore.

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