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A little Canyoneering II


When we left off last time, we were on our way down a thin remote canyon in the area of Happy Valley. Our friend Bruce, who is leading us, has told of several fun things back in there and to expect some mild Canyoneering.

The Part I can be found here:

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We now continue through this geologic playground, right where we left off last week.

Along the way we discover downed hollowed out swirled trees and exposed roots.

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A little Canyoneering


Last July, we had made plans to hike into a remote area of Happy Valley, “When the weather cools down.”  Our friend Bruce told me of several fun things back in there and to expect some mild Canyoneering. We’ll follow his lead.

See here:

DF, Bruce and myself, were the ones gathered on Sunday Morning. We loaded ourselves into my SUV.

Back in October, hurricanes in Mexico’s Pacific waters had left us with some hard weather in Southern Arizona, including flooding and golf ball sized hail. When we arrived along the road into Happy Valley, we were pleasantly surprised to find water flowing over the road from the runoff of the mountains. The story begins.

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I keep threatening to splash through these gullies, as we soak up the ambiance of tall trees and grassy hillsides. Blooms are coming out like springtime. Some hilltops in the distance look as if they were sprinkled with a thick layer of mustard.

There is also a change in the colors of some of the trees. Golden hews explode out of the more usual green canopy.

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