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Back to the Waterfall: A Trip Report


When we left off last time…

…We had taken a New Years hike in a very crowded area, split from the trail, and discovered a wonderful natural interlude. The old wrangler had mentioned that there was a waterfall that would be fun, when there were rains.

It rained! It rained well. We had had drought for months and then three weeks of monsoon deluge in July. Then, only one sprinkle until we received a proper rain in December. We just woke up to more wet blessing on Wednesday morning. Thus, here in Arizona, that suggests…no, demands an “!”.

With this moister in mind and that we both had a Thursday off together, it seemed like a fun thing to investigate the waterfall, which might be during the opportune time of catching it with a water flow. There was a drawback, however. The temperatures would be a high of 60F. In that area, the chill of the mountain air drops off, flowing down through the canyons and that was where we were headed. It could be warm enough, maybe not.

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New Year’s 2018: A Trip Report


Our usual New Year’s Eve band jam blowout was cancelled. We replaced it with an evening spent visiting with friends who stopped by. Ultimately, we sat in the sweat lodge in the light of five candles with two of our friends and two of their children. We wrote what we would like to pass off for the coming new year on cards, nailed them to a log and then tossed it all into the firebox. We brought in the new year in naked with a prayer and a song of letting go.

Having been up to all hours, we start our day in a leisurely fashion. As I load up the SUV with DF, she is amazed that I am so comfortable naked. I laugh at her bundled in her robe. It is a glorious day. She then pulls off her wrap, surprised by the discovery. This is the first of January, winter, and the high will be over 75F. I have gained seven pounds during these holidays and I have a resolution to keep. It is time for a hike.

The plan for today is to head back to the foothills to another trail, near where we had been recently. The story is here:

This time however, we will start at Catalina State Park, cross across to Southerland Trail, and then perhaps find our way out Baby Jesus Trail. I figured that the park will be busy, but the trail heading out to the remote Southerland Trail should be relatively less populated and it is Federal lands. Nude use would begin after we get off of the Canyon Loop Trail. Most of this is new territory for us.

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We had a Plan….A Desert Outing


We had a plan…loosely. Get up at the crack of dawn and get out to Redington Pass for sunrise, for starters. Well, the overcast clouds are out and we need rest. We are however, here at about 8:00am. We’re going to explore the rest of the Pass when we’re done here. We’ll go out to the San Pedro River on the other side of the mountains. We’ll just see how far we get.

The temps are wonderful and the clouds have gotten fun to look at. Lots of wispy alto-stratus (I hope I have that correct) that make for imagined dragons and such.

Imagined Creatures Fading Away

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The Santa Rita Mountains: A preliminary investigation


During winter months, it can be difficult to get out on a warm day nude. Often the outing has to be quite short. These down times can be used to explore potential hikes. I will get on the internet, or dig into literature, or both. I can work with topo maps and Google satellite images. I can plan and dream about what I have to look forward to. I also use these times to explore, cozy and naked in front of the computer. Some places may be bare of leaves, but come spring there will be cover. Visiting, I’ll know where I’ll want to return, on a more pleasant day.

On this Christmas Day, after a child’s presents and in between other festivities, there is a tradition of hiking here in Sunny Arizona. We decided to go to it, as we were already very south of town near the Santa Rita Mountains. I had been out there recently with my son, while exploring, I was scouting for free range naturist potentials and trails. I wanted to show DF what I had found and get away for a few hours.

Remember: You can click on the pictures to enlarge and produce more clarity.

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