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Porters Gap


To Georgia and Back Series: Part 7

We’re at a retreat in the northern part of Alabama.

I have been researching trails in the Talladega National Forest, but I figure that I need some firsthand experience with the area. Anecdotal testimony of locals has been telling me that once you get away from the main trails, you won’t see many people.

This is reported to be especially true for the Pinhoti Trail, a 170 miles escapade through wilderness, mountains and streams. Many people use it to warm up for the Appalachian Trail. There are busier links to it, but it is well maintained. Because of its length and personification as more of a backpacking trail, there are plenty of nude hiking sections. It goes through old growth forests, water features, and up to grand vistas.

We have had plans for a section of the Chinnabee Silent Trail. Most people travel the popular section, but we are planning to travel on the section across the highway, away from that and then the intersecting trail.

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Missouri to Woodstock

2022-09-05 to the 14th

To Georgia and Back Series: Part 5

We’re on our cross country road trip.

We stop off at friends for a couple of days to visit in the countryside of Missouri.

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Oaklake Trails Naturist Park  


To Georgia and Back Series: Part 4

When we last left off, we had fallen asleep under the stars in Palo Duro Canyon.

Before dawn, DF wakes me up. There is a sprinkle coming through the net and lightning can be seen above the canyon walls out on the plains to the west.

 As we scramble for the tarp, my sleepy head begins to digest our situation. If we stay and it rains, we will have a soggy tent. When the sun comes up, it will be hot and sticky under the tarp.

The rain is still in the distance. We are awake, now. I suggest that we just leave before the storm.

As we scramble around the public campsite, eventually in the imposition of kilt and sundress, I think of our earlier departure, which will grant us a longer afternoon at our destination. We’re going to Oaklake Trails Naturist Resort in Oklahoma. It will be Labor Day weekend and the place will be popping and filled with activity.

I slurp a little caffeine when we stop for gas in the dark. We avoid the rain and take off out onto the Interstate heading east. There will be one more stop today, for gas. That will be the last coverings this body will need for the next few days.

After an hour, or so, the sky comes alive with bright orange hews. Flashing lights on power generating windmills are spread around the endless stream of headlights. Soon, the sun, an orange ball, creeps up out on a black horizon.

It will feel like a long drive, but the daylight has illuminated my attention. I’m fully present.

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Palo Duro Canyon


We’re camped in the mountains of New Mexico. It has been some lovely walking out here. No cell reception can be found, the rest of the world will have to wait. But we are surrounded by the influx of hunters at our campsite. We’re leaving today.

Before sunrise, a generator comes on. It is just 75 feet away. It wakes me.  I lay here realizing that I can’t pack in the dark.  A blanket over my head helps and I get another hour of sleep.

The guy leaves without turning the generator off! This place would be so very calm and peaceful when hunting season ends. It would be excellent on any week day.

We pack as quickly as we can. It’s been awhile since we have been out on the road and we haven’t gotten the rhythm of packing up, quite yet. After breakfast and two hours in a beautiful day, we pull away.

We’re on our way to a place in Oklahoma, but we need a place to stop and breakup the long drive. We have chosen Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo. This affords us an afternoon hiking and exploring and then a longer afternoon at the next stopover, during the coming Labor Day Weekend.

I don’t know much about this “natural wonder.” It is declared the second largest canyon in the United States, but I’m questioning that.

I have surveyed the Palo Duro terrain and hiking trails using the Google map satellite feature and trail maps. It appears that most of the trails are pretty busy and not suitable for nude use. It is limited and not Federal Land.

I found a canyon off of a trail and near a trailhead. We may be able to walk that. It meanders and has concealing walls from erosion.

There is an equestrian trail that goes quite away from the trailhead and the facilities. It may be a good walk and equestrians are easier to see and hear coming. There are usually few trotters, just lumbering riders on western saddles.

We look forward to an afternoon’s exploration.

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