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Big Bend State Park:Pt I


Number 18 in the Georgia and Back Series

We head out of Marfa, Texas toward Big Bend. There have been exceptional seasonal rains, making the countryside remind us of Sonoita, Arizona. We’re feeling more like home, after spending weeks in the eastern forests. There are not as many mountains, here, the horizon is quite a lot further out. A host of clouds run out from behind the edge of the Earth, drifting our way.

Cruising naked across these wide open spaces, just reeks of freedom.

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Lunch in a teepee


We have arrived at Big Bend. We’re looking out at the Rio Grande River. As the fish swims, somewhere in that river is the United States/Mexico border. The hills just beyond are another country.

A road side attraction, one of a very few roadside attractions, does what it does best and we are drawn in to stop and to rest.

This has a series of Teepees constructed of metal. There has been no real shade for miles and here is an oasis. Each has a picnic table to lunch at and it is lunch time.

All appear full, so I wrap my kilt around and DF slips her ever present red Hawaii print sundress over her head, expecting textile people.

Just as we pull up a prominent RV pulls away, leaving us the last teepee on the block. I get out to stretch and investigate. Perhaps I can find a place that we can be nude, but I sense the futility of that outcome. This is a very dry desert, with little ground-cover and only a few bushes. There might be something further down by the cool water river.

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To Georgia and Back Series: Pt.16

We have left Garner State Park, needing to leave earlier than we did. It will be a long slog to Marfa Texas, unless we happen upon a good spot to camp. Garner, a friendly park, has been a naturist’s frustration and that continued this morning.

We’ve been getting into some wide open spaces, flat plains and some desert on our way to Marfa. It is a long drive across this state.

I want to make a point to check the famously super blue waters of the river in the Amistad Recreational Area. There is supposed to be something very special about their blue. They do reflect the clear sunny sky, as we cross on the extensive bridge system, near the Rio Grande at the Mexico border.

It is lunch time and a spot by the lake sounds good. We pull off the highway, but soon enough, discover that it is several miles to the lake, the boat launch and we can’t be sure what else. It just doesn’t have the vibe that says undeveloped, skinnydip in the refreshing clear waters. There appears to be many opportunities on Google maps, but not for a Honda Civic and a tent.  It is perhaps a nude boaters paradise.  Perhaps a stealth dip at night.

A simple roadside sun shelter presents itself on this small road to the boat docks. It is an opportunity to continue our day nude. Traffic has demonstrated itself to be nil here. 

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Garner State Park Via San Antonio


The resumption of our “To Georgia and Back” series

After leaving Austin, we have to cross the great state of Texas. There is no hurry and so we’ll avoid the desolate lonesome feeling of Interstate 10. We’re looking for back roads through the Great Plains, the legendary western desert and a place and flavor that neither of us has yet to explore.

There is little notable, or famous, that is nude out there. We’ll be looking for natural beauty and space to roam free. We have no real idea, no picture of what is out there.

First, I’ve always heard about the San Antonio river walk. It seems a good place to begin. I’ll check it off of the bucket list. We thought to take a chance on a “lifestyles” optional sort of resort, which is on the way, as something different, but ultimately decided to take the naturist option.  I suppose that it might have made an interesting story.

We eventually have reservations west of San Antonio at Garner State Park for the night.

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Windy Point


Part 14 of the Georgia and Back Series

We have found on the internet, a privately owned camp on Lake Travis, one mile from Hippie Hollow.

The other public camps are closed. One is in construction, being remodeled.  If off season, there might be a private site on the lake, where we could be nude at least in stealth, but things are as they are. This one will have to do and it is convenient.

We make reservations with a friendly female voice on the phone. When we arrive we are greeted by a pleasant India guy’s accent.

The trees are also pleasant and grow taller here. It has a large field of grass, a lawn, that runs off out on a peninsula. There are more tent sites at the tip by the lake.

It is off season camping. We wouldn’t expect crowds. There are not wild kids having the time of their lives, just couples like us.

Mosquitoes are problems around the lake, but Windy Point is mosquito free in the evenings. That “Windy” in the name, also means that it has a gentle breeze that destabilizes the bugs.

After we establish our site, pitch tent and eat, we take a walk in the dark, after a mesmerizing sunset.

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Hippie Hollow


We have left Safebare to some family business. We’re heading northwest on the Interstate toward Austin Texas. The plan is to stay a couple of weekend days at Star Ranch. The intranet tells us that it is their 65th year celebration, so we’re expecting quite a party. When we call to reserve, we are told that the celebration is a ‘members only” function. There is no way to get in. We are cast adrift.

The next stop was to be Hippie Hollow at Lake Travis near Austin. The Star Ranch reception is helpful for directions through Austin and we head straight to as they say, “Heppy Wholer.”  

We look out across a Lake Travis vista as we head down a steep incline to the gate.

The girl at the gate asks “You do know that this is a nude beach?”


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We’re at Safebare’s home in NW Houston after a morning walk.

I’m conveniently nude all over, out front in Safebare’s driveway, organizing the car, gathering what I’ll need today.

I hear Safebare making noise with something metal out back, where I had heard his big pickup truck earlier. Looking through the gate, I see him wrestling with his metal canoe. The tailgate is down. I offer to help, as I open and close the tall wooden gate.

The process is easy. Each of us lifts a side of the canoe and slide it into the bed. We strap it down until we are confident that it will stay there.

We’re soon on our way to Somerville Lake. It is a dammed reservoir in the Texas countryside, somewhere out the Interstate towards Austin.

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Palo Duro Canyon


We’re camped in the mountains of New Mexico. It has been some lovely walking out here. No cell reception can be found, the rest of the world will have to wait. But we are surrounded by the influx of hunters at our campsite. We’re leaving today.

Before sunrise, a generator comes on. It is just 75 feet away. It wakes me.  I lay here realizing that I can’t pack in the dark.  A blanket over my head helps and I get another hour of sleep.

The guy leaves without turning the generator off! This place would be so very calm and peaceful when hunting season ends. It would be excellent on any week day.

We pack as quickly as we can. It’s been awhile since we have been out on the road and we haven’t gotten the rhythm of packing up, quite yet. After breakfast and two hours in a beautiful day, we pull away.

We’re on our way to a place in Oklahoma, but we need a place to stop and breakup the long drive. We have chosen Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo. This affords us an afternoon hiking and exploring and then a longer afternoon at the next stopover, during the coming Labor Day Weekend.

I don’t know much about this “natural wonder.” It is declared the second largest canyon in the United States, but I’m questioning that.

I have surveyed the Palo Duro terrain and hiking trails using the Google map satellite feature and trail maps. It appears that most of the trails are pretty busy and not suitable for nude use. It is limited and not Federal Land.

I found a canyon off of a trail and near a trailhead. We may be able to walk that. It meanders and has concealing walls from erosion.

There is an equestrian trail that goes quite away from the trailhead and the facilities. It may be a good walk and equestrians are easier to see and hear coming. There are usually few trotters, just lumbering riders on western saddles.

We look forward to an afternoon’s exploration.

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