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Windy Point


Part 14 of the Georgia and Back Series

We have found on the internet, a privately owned camp on Lake Travis, one mile from Hippie Hollow.

The other public camps are closed. One is in construction, being remodeled.  If off season, there might be a private site on the lake, where we could be nude at least in stealth, but things are as they are. This one will have to do and it is convenient.

We make reservations with a friendly female voice on the phone. When we arrive we are greeted by a pleasant India guy’s accent.

The trees are also pleasant and grow taller here. It has a large field of grass, a lawn, that runs off out on a peninsula. There are more tent sites at the tip by the lake.

It is off season camping. We wouldn’t expect crowds. There are not wild kids having the time of their lives, just couples like us.

Mosquitoes are problems around the lake, but Windy Point is mosquito free in the evenings. That “Windy” in the name, also means that it has a gentle breeze that destabilizes the bugs.

After we establish our site, pitch tent and eat, we take a walk in the dark, after a mesmerizing sunset.

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Hippie Hollow


We have left Safebare to some family business. We’re heading northwest on the Interstate toward Austin Texas. The plan is to stay a couple of weekend days at Star Ranch. The intranet tells us that it is their 65th year celebration, so we’re expecting quite a party. When we call to reserve, we are told that the celebration is a ‘members only” function. There is no way to get in. We are cast adrift.

The next stop was to be Hippie Hollow at Lake Travis near Austin. The Star Ranch reception is helpful for directions through Austin and we head straight to as they say, “Heppy Wholer.”  

We look out across a Lake Travis vista as we head down a steep incline to the gate.

The girl at the gate asks “You do know that this is a nude beach?”


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