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This site contains the “Forum”  is where I write, post, comment and discuss this site as well as many free range naturist topics. There is a camaraderie there among regular participants, who are well versed in the ways of stealth, secret, free range naturism and more. This is a good place to get started and ask questions. It is a lot of fun.

This forum is attached to Karla and Stuarts acclaimed site, Free Range Naturism, which is filled with art photography on the Monroes of Scotland the Alps and any place else a free range story may place:

JMF, another very fine photographer has periodic free range naturist adventures in the the Alps, all seasons. He also travels nude into France, with snow skis, kayak and boots. This one is in French, but a little cut and paste onto google translate and you are set.

Hiking Naked:;www

This is a lively nude hiking, canuding, backpacking, kayaking and more forum. Much to see and learn, tips for free range naturism.

La Liberte de la Fesse is a fun place. It is a tumbler with photos of nakeds at wondrous places around the globe. The freeing of the butt:

Well, it’s free range naturism. is a gentile spot, about many aspects of naturism. It is translated into both Dutch and English.

A National organization, The Naturist Society, to promote body acceptance, free range naturism is on the table as it occurs.

Offspring to TNS is the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) defending our body rights in disputes of law and lobbying government.  You are riding your lawn mower in the nude and you see two cops coming your way. Who are you gonna call?

Another TNS offspring is the Naturist Education Foundation (NEC) which supports naturist libraries, education, and research.

On the other side of the pond, British Naturism (BN) fulfills this duty.


This 'ol fellow about 12

This ‘ol fellow about 12″ long loves the fresh monsoon grass today.

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