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Gardner Canyon with a Group

During the mid to late 1990’s


Free range naturism doesn’t always have to be so solo. There are social alternatives to a resort. There are ways to gather like-minded friends, especially in these days of internet.

Back in the 1990’s, I was part of a group called The Southern Arizona Naturist Society (SANS, French for without). It was a non-landed naturist’s club. It was there to promote Naturism, give people a chance to experience, or try social nudity, and to have some fun and camaraderie. Each month, a member would host a house party, and each month a camp-out was arranged.

A group of the regulars would find places on Federal Lands to have the camping events. A rapport was developed with the local Forest Service. We would let them know our intentions and then we would claim a safe area by posting warning signs, “Notice: You may encounter nude activities ahead.”  Frequency of contact and a good presentation of us as law abiding, considerate, friendly, respectful people made a big difference.

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Redington B-Days


We are going upstream from our usual haunts at Redington Pass for an overnighter. Our original plan of three full days on the Verde River backpacking has been decimated by the rain and colder weather that has popped up there. This alternative scaled down event will work out just fine. Saturday, we were in town having diner and celebrating DF’s Birthday. Sunday we are off to a camp-out and Monday we will return in the afternoon to celebrate with dinner for my B-day.

We arrive and park the car. Downhill a piece and through a palo verde tree, stands a guy peaking from behind his SUV. He just keeps staring. It is odd, creepy. A cat and mouse voyeur?  I am not dressed having carnuded from town. I labor to wrap my kilt around my body, while he stares at me getting out of my car. It was obvious that I was driving up undressed and am now getting dressed… As I suspected, he then comes out exposed to me. He isn’t dressed either. He has been hiding, waiting for my next move. He has been waiting to find out if DF and I were textiles.

Gotta Love this Place!

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