Lunch in a teepee


We have arrived at Big Bend. We’re looking out at the Rio Grande River. As the fish swims, somewhere in that river is the United States/Mexico border. The hills just beyond are another country.

A road side attraction, one of a very few roadside attractions, does what it does best and we are drawn in to stop and to rest.

This has a series of Teepees constructed of metal. There has been no real shade for miles and here is an oasis. Each has a picnic table to lunch at and it is lunch time.

All appear full, so I wrap my kilt around and DF slips her ever present red Hawaii print sundress over her head, expecting textile people.

Just as we pull up a prominent RV pulls away, leaving us the last teepee on the block. I get out to stretch and investigate. Perhaps I can find a place that we can be nude, but I sense the futility of that outcome. This is a very dry desert, with little ground-cover and only a few bushes. There might be something further down by the cool water river.

I see my naked options dry up, except one, to sit and listen in stealth, as I undo the Velcro waist of my kilt. That is thwarted a couple of times by sounds, but very soon, the other occupants are all leaving! Suddenly, this entire rest stop is empty, but for we two.

We know that the road’s traffic has been sparse. I’ve got my little guitar in hand and now, my kilt has lost its usefulness, other than a clean place to sit my bottom on.

DF smiles.

I am grateful, excited after the long drive.

I notice an acoustic quality to the enclosure. Sound is bouncing around. There are openings along the base, so I climb up onto the table and enjoy amplification and tonal resonance. My little 1/2 size box sounds pretty good.

I start playing, experimenting with sound. Then, I look down to see that I’m putting on a little concert. I’m on a stage above my audience, which is DF and a pair of local lizards. The act begins, a couple of rock and roll power cords and a gritty expression and I’m a rock star.

DF’s expression changes.

Uh oh…

…Oh well. I can entertain with goofy for just so long, before I wear it out. Time to eat a naked lunch….

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3 thoughts on “Lunch in a teepee

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  2. Eric

    What was the song?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jbee

    We don’t remember the song. But, if I had to guess, considering the cords in hand, A grateful Dead styled “Not Fade Away”…

    …or somethin’ I just kinda made up.

    If it helps to make the imagined experience better, or palpable, please insert whatever you’d like.



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