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Free Range 101 at the Hot Springs


It’s another day in Eden at the hot springs. We’re walking out for an exploration into the desert foothills.

We start with another meditative breakfast at the duck pond. It is warmer today.

We want to do the hike that we had planned the last visit, then return with enough time to indulge our senses in the various waters as they call to us. We will have to drive home tonight.

North of the hills where people set up their prayer circles of stones, there is the distant valley. We have seen it as a green ribbon of mesquite along a dry wash. It looked to be an inviting hike. There was a sense of “out there”, to go trekking into the wide open spaces, liberation.

SEE the story where this one picks up here:

We begin to pass through the familiar and then make our way into an exploration.

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