Nude vs. Clothed

Most of the following sense is not my original content. It was posted September 2015 by randomfactsgeekjga in Uncategorized. The original can be found at:

I added the illustrations and my addendums here for this presentation.

You know that it all just makes a whole lot of common sense!

Nudism is freedom. Naked is natural, naked is beautiful, naked is fun, naked is healthy, naked is happy, naked is never outdated, naked is friendly, naked is cool , naked is the best!

Clothes are restrictive, nudism is not.

Clothes are stifling, nude is certainly not.

Money can buy clothes, but not nakedness or natural comfort.— Nudism is open to people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and races, and both genders. It can be full time, or part time.— Nudism brings a ton of benefits that clothes can’t. Skin breathes, bodies move, nude just feels much more alive.— Nudism has been in existence since the beginning of humanity and will last till the end of humanity. Nudism brings us closer to nature and we’re put on its same level.— Clothes are not needed to make us happy. Where did that idea come from?— Naked is how we humans were designed to live. Naked is in our natural state. Clothes are artificial, nudity is natural.— Clothes are a waste of resources and we can go green with nudism.— We outgrow clothes from our growing-up years and even when we become adults, but we never outgrow our nakedness.—Fashions change, but nakedness is always in style.

Clothes are materialistic, but not nakedness.— Clothes increase pornography while nudism does not, because nude isn’t without clothes, nude is the original state. Clothes are an addition. Clothes focus more on sexual arousal.— Clothes divide us, while nudism brings us closer together.— Au natural is always in style, no matter the time of year.— Nudism is open for anyone.— Clothed means naked underneath the clothes.— The pay of a nude job is beyond monetary value.—Nude is for all ages and walks of life.— Nudeness does not expire, clothes do.— Nudism is a 24/7 fashion with no child labor involved or slavery. Making clothing pollutes the environment; being naked sure doesn’t.— There is no minimum or maximum age limit for nudism.— Clothes are not physically or emotionally healthy; nudism is very healthy. Being naked is so much fun!— Clothing is like an innocent person in jail; nudism is being free.— Clothes don’t bring happiness; nakedness does.— No costume that has ever been invented is equal in comfort to perfect nakedness.— Nudism is addicting, but in a good way.— Clothes bring more wars and fights. Of course, nudism can’t solve all of the world’s problems, but it is a remedy to many of society’s ills.— Clothing requirements are arbitrary and inconsistent, but nudism isn’t.— We are our bodies, as in our skin, inside of our bodies, and skeleton. We are not our clothes.— Nudism is health-friendly, family-friendly, and environmentally-friendly.— Nudism is humanity’s oldest and most enduring fashion. The whole world population can be nudist.— Clothes hide secrets, nude bodies promote body positivity.—Nakedness is beautiful, nice, cool, healthy, and well, just the best!

Ever Notice How Scratchy Fig Leaves Are?

Not only that…

…Clothes don’t make the man, nudity is the man.— Clothing on a hot day? Clothing is hotter! That’s insanity!—Naked is mindful, in the moment, here and now; clothing steals awareness.—Clothing is used to hide mistakes and imperfections; nakedness is perfection.— Clothing is much to do with roles to play, naked is who we are at any moment.— Clothing hides things, nudity is honesty and fundamental. —Clothing insulates from the natural world, it is used to conquer the natural world; being natural, we are at one and equal in nature.—A body is much easier and fun to clean than clothing.—Clothing is something that you put on to celebrate something, Nudity is a celebration in itself.

Clothing restricts movement, nudity is the full range of motion. Wearing clothing while swimming, instead of skinny dipping?! Nuff said.

I needed some illustration for this, so we visited a pair of friends who have a knack for a camera….

We did what people normally do, only we did it without the clothing. Everything seems better this way. Here, we have a barbecued salmon and asparagus. With this we add a stuffed squash, some sweet creamy dip to scoop with fresh fruit and a fun drink. The ambiance of the lovely evening air, all over, was exquisite.

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5 thoughts on “Nude vs. Clothed

  1. sassycoupleok

    Very nicely written and well thought out. The illustrations are spot on and aptly illustrate the points.

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  3. I totally agree with “we never outgrow our nakedness”.. so true. Our naked skin is the only true clothing that grows with us.


  4. gcnat1200020

    Love the way this is written. So true and beautifully said.

    Jan&Gary xo

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  5. Amochimy chimy66

    Thanks for add your nice illustrations looks cute, attractive and interesting in this interesting topic


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