Monsoon: The Desert Springs back to life: Part II

Summer 2006

We have been exploring the treasures of the Tortolita Mountains created by the desert summer rains. In Part II we head back upstream to continue deeper into the mountains on an old the jeep trail.

Part I is here:

Further up the jeep trail, there is a wide valley. Judy has redressed after leaving the safety of the canyon stream, but it is becoming more apparent to her that we are in what is essentially a free range naturist park with long views to vistas of the valley below and the rise of these mountains.

As we walk along the jeep trail in this high valley, I look over at Judy walking and smiling. To my surprise, in one grand gester, she pulls her sundress up to her waist and then squirms it over her shoulders and over her head. For a moment it swings in her hand at her side, before it is dropped onto the ground. She hasn’t missed a step, nor beat. She doesn’t look back, she is done with it. It is abandoned.

Judy is a person who tends to jump into her endeavors and passions with both feet. She has cast away everything but a pair of sneakers and a sun hat. I carry our water. As she marches resolutely onward, I mention that a wild animal might carry off her curiously smelling article of clothing. I ask, would she like to hang it in a tree. With her eyes forward, resolutely, she states that she doesn’t care.

“How would you get back to the house through the neighborhood?”  I ask as I accompany her at her side.

She simply slides her sight to me out the corner of her eyes and grins mischievously, “Guess I’d have to walk through the neighborhood naked.”

She relishes her nude abandon the rest of the way to the old windmill and beyond, exploring nature and her nature. She is boldly ready to face naked, any circumstance that may befall her. She demands liberation. Her very body language tells me how free she feels.

We hike, hang our pack in a tree and hike more with only a water bottle and foot protection between us. It is wonderful.


Wonderful Both Below Us…


…And Above Us

The natural wonderment continues to unfold to our delight.

Everywhere there is something new to see during the monsoon.

We taste a Few Hackberries

We find a patch of flowers.

Butterfly at Rest

The dress was later found where it had been left in the middle of the road. It was not put back on, until we began to walk next to my neighbor’s homes. The liberating experience of naturism is often something not easily given up.

These mountains have been noted by the Forest Service as the most bio-diverse in the state.

The variety seems endless.

Tiny Stalks, Just a Few Leaves and then, a Flower

Under every tree and bush there is fresh green life. The wildlife are secure by the cover of low branches. They dig and fertilize. They compost and multiply.

In a few more days, Part III.


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