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Redington: Full of water, joy and friendship Part II

2014-09-22 and the week that follows:

Moving On:


Tiredness wears off with infusion of the invigoration of the fun of it. I decide to explore a bit further in search of shade and adventure. I just go off carrying nothing, wandering, wearing absolutely nothing. Followed by Elaine, we climb upward. The usual route is cut off with hard flow. We have to climb up a small foothold, a line of cleavage on a boulder, then pivot around one limb at a time in balance to get to the other side, like some gymnastic exercise. I place one foot, then another further up, gripping to the rock. Then, as I push up with the lower foot, it slips. Fortunately I still have a two hand grip and one foot hold and don’t fall off. Elaine follows carefully.

The familiar place with two trees has had a nice sandy beach on its west side, but now, this has been washed away in the flooding torrents. We cross the stream, climb up the sheets of granite and find that there is a cliff bottom in shade. It should remain so all day. We would need no tarp here.

There is a constant light breeze of cool air here on this nice flat shelf. It has something to do with the air currents and the cooling effect of the water’s humidity and the shade. It might as well be air-conditioned. The rest is in the 90’s F with the radiant reflections off of the granite. This will make a good base for the heat of the day, nude. The view is wonderful, there is a smooth granite slope right into the waters below. Our stuff will be safely kept, as it is difficult to get to, if we were to leave the spot.

As we are climbing back to get Buck, a young lanky young man comes through. He will be the last person that we will see here today. After gathering our belongings and Buck, we return to our perch under the cliff.

We all sit, or lay about. We have a snack lunch.

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A Week in the White Mountains: Part 2


Revisiting the World of the Rainbow Family

We take off this morning wearing tops. We can see dark clouds. At camp it is a bit shady and feels chilly.


Soon, some sunshine pops out and with body movement, we realize that we don’t have need for the clothing. We have plastic rain ponchos packed away just in case. Those would be enough to trap our body heat in and keep out cold rain. It is too inconvenient to turn back and drop the encumbrances off.

As we stand in this wide meadow, which will lead us down to the 1998 Rainbow Gathering site. We fold and place our shirts on a shoulder to cushion our pack and water bottle straps.

Screw the shirt!

Screw the shirt!

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Utah Trip II: The Rainbow Gathering: A Trip Report

Rainbow 2014: A Thousand Secret Naturists Come Out to Play

Our destination was the annual national Rainbow Gathering at 9400 feet the Uinta National Forest. I hadn’t been to one since 1998 and this would be DF’s first. It is a gathering of 10 to 15 thousand people that set up an alternative community and live in nature for a period of time. It culminates in a huge circle where everyone prays for world peace. Afterward, the forest is cleaned and rejuvenated to its former self. It is left as though those thousands had never been there. There is a devout sense of Mother Nature. It has been going on since 1972, evolving out of that period’s hippie culture. Yep, it’s back to the sixties!

The National Forest Service and local authorities gather also. There are vicious claims of danger to surrounding communities, and the coming destruction by thousands of naked drug crazed street urchins, which are out to contaminate the local youth. The gathering is actually a peaceful lesson and experiment in anarchy and community. It is fascinating to see how it actually works and succeeds. A town of this size is set up in two weeks with plumbing infrastructure and kitchens that feed everyone for free. Many various social elements come together. For a week it thrives, and then, two weeks later, it is as though it was never there.

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