Called by the Sunset

The color of the desert gathers a golden hue, beckoning me outside as I stare out the window. Out the door the silence is deafening. There is a chill beginning; I gather my sweatshirt out of the laundry for once last quick use, before cleaning. The gauge tells me mid-50F’s.

My feet, in their VFF-KSO toe shoes, begin to acclimate to the uneven surface, as I walk off to the end of the property to the jeep trail. It feels good, a wake-up.

A stunning site greets me across the valley. A yellow round full moon is peaking its way around the now pink Santa Catalina Mountains, surrounded by pink and blue clouds and sky. It is a winter sky.

The trail becomes rougher with sharp stones strewn across randomly and I step around for the most comfortable footing. Not too much care, just enough; the feet are tough and mustn’t be babied.

Down the hill the jeep trail meets the new graded area and is smooth. I need exercise; I take off running up the hill, a little slower and more tired than I would like. I slow to look out at the fully arisen moon, and then take off again and up the steeper part of the grade.

Atop, I stop to take in the miles of valley before me. Golden light beams shoot across, evening lights are coming on, the entire mountain range is aglow to the east.

Far in the distance, at the peak of the cone, a golden light glares back to me in the Santa Rita Mountains. Something is reflecting light in a perfect manner and angle, maybe just for this evening’s moment.

Running back down the hill, a rich bouquet of florescent blue flowers sits on the side of the road. The fascinating color is augmented by the sunset’s glow. Then, I’m back home.

I haven’t had enough. I take off walking out the stealth trail to see how far I get and what I see before the light dissipates too much.

I am reminded to get a new pair of glasses for the trails that are not for the bifocal. I need to see where my feet are landing. It is winding, a few new jumping cholla buds litter the path.

No masses of spring flowers just yet, but there is evidence of their coming. There are buds, a few early birds, new growth and new plants, where only sand laid before.

The moon keeps coming up.

The sweatshirt feels nicely warm, but unnecessary. I take it off. My body feels more alive all nude. It is as though there is more heat now. I wonder if it is my core that has warmed up. The experience is good. It is sensual.

As I come around the corner of the ridge, returning home, it is cooler. The little valley where the stealth trail lies IS warmer tonight. As time goes on, I’ll learn more about this microclimate, using my bare skin.

Just outside my door, I pray thanks for this miraculous world. Its blessing is everywhere. Nature rules.


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