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De Anza: Up the Mountain


Remember, by clicking any picture, you’ll get better sizing and clarity.

At De Anza Naturist Resort there is a landmark mountain of rocks.

It is huge. You can see specks on the top moving around. These are naked people.

Zoomed in, a Naked Person Lounging

There can be found labyrinths of rock formations that tunnel up to the top.

Most people take a trail around the south and then make an ascent up a hill.

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De Anza: Party, Explorations and Black’s Beach



We are excited to be headed out to De Anza Naturist Resort again.

There will be a day trip to Black’s Beach. We leave in the morning after a rain has passed. A double rainbow is starting our day. How could anything go wrong?

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De Anza: Four Days and a Thousand Miles


In the summer of 2008, DF and I went out to De Anza naturist resort, during the ANRR Convention. This presented some first for DF. She had not spent so much time around other people without clothing. We wore nothing, but shoes, for the five days. Like the last time that I was out there, we drove out nude. We had only the towels we sat on to cover with. We draped the towels at the Border Patrol stops and to drive through fast food. We wrapped them around or DF slipped a sundress over her at rest areas and gas stops to get around.

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