My Private Place for Naturism #4

A Continuing series:

Across the Pond

The following is an account of a person in the countryside of Britain in similar undertaking:

This has brought back memories from many years ago. My location was an overgrown, small unused private wood. My first intention was to find somewhere there suitable for sunbathing. I found it after ruining a pair of trousers because of all the brambles etc. but it was well worth it. The next objective was to make a path to it without making it too obvious. Once that was achieved the task was to clear the small area of all prickly things to make it barefoot and bare everything else friendly. I had my own private sunbathing spot, with a place for morning sunshine and an adjacent one for the afternoon.

To have somewhere to walk barefoot, especially when it became too warm to sunbathe being so sheltered from any breeze, I began clearing the path to it of all thorns back to where the main overgrown path through the wood was. It was obviously little used as it was barely passable so I began clearing it with secateurs. All done naked and as we all know working while naked is much less of a chore. Eventually I had the path clear and free of thorns. I now had a wood where I could sunbathe and walk barefoot. Something I had dreamed about.

Of course clearing the main path, which needed maintaining over the years, meant other people could use it, but I don’t remember any encounters. I would often leave the wood and walk in the surrounding countryside, carrying nothing, up to a mile away. Good times!

I must have gone there for about ten years until the growing trees began blocking the sun. Then the wood became managed for pheasants and it was all over.

One of my two main sunbathing spots is now outside the wood where I have permission to be naked having been discovered there and not objected to. Not strictly Stealth Naturism there perhaps, but there are still trespassers to be avoided – not always successfully! I still walk naked from there in the surrounding countryside.

Some places a sweeping of prickers with a broom is enough

In some places a sweeping of prickers with a broom is enough


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