Happy Valentine’s Day


On Valentine’s Day, I invited DF to climb up into the Tortilitas. It had been 85F today and the air was still quite nice. As the sun began to set, the the magnificent Catalina Mountains and the Tortolita Mountains, which surrounded us, turned Valentine’s red.

Strolling on a Tortolitan Trail, Under a Magnificent Crested

Strolling on a Tortolitan Trail, Under a Magnificent Crested

The sun set at the same time that the huge yellow full moon rose.

2014 2-14 Bisbee ValBRE 042_1

2014 2-14 Bisbee ValBRE 045_1

2014 2-14 Bisbee ValBRE 046_1

We sat and watched, we prayed, we soaked it in and danced, naked in the moonlight.

Then, we sat down on a slab of granite upon a hilltop. We had a fine candlelight dinner….

2014 2-14 Bisbee ValBRE 040_1

She told me of her day and this humming bird nesting right by a door at the hospital where she works. It had two spring eggs. Everyone watches like expecting parents.

2014 2-14 Bisbee ValBRE 030_1


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