My Private Place for Naturism #5

02-08-2015 A Continuing Diary: Stealth Adaptation:

DF Gets a Tour

Today, I showed DF the trail. We saw no deer this time, as the tracks suggested. Oh well, another time.

It is still difficult for me to not get momentarily lost, tracing from landmark to landmark. This is a good thing, telling me that my trail is not detectable. This will change with use and familiarity.

We spend time on the comfortable two person sunning rock, sunning.

IMG_0868_1She eventually takes an off on a short walk and finds a quiet place with some moister. It is very peaceful, all around and all the way there. There is a certain coziness. The moister in standing water has made things greener in the spot. There is a wall of granite on one side, plants growing out of it, a beautiful sculpture. It is just that one quiet place, one that will be personally taken to by her. She just stood there alone, smelled the scent of it, taking it in, listening. She smiles, as I watch, myself nested upon the fine granite perch. Sometimes there is an attraction about a spot.


On the way back, I show her through the raw desert. We go up on the top of the ridge and down the crest. The divide at the top of a ridge leads straight to my backyard. This is the same route as I used that first day of surveying. It is slightly more barren up there on the crest. This makes it easier to travel. The rocky slopes and thick vegetation, where moister catches and evaporates more slowly, are thicker. The rocks there are less stable from erosion. Up on the ridge however, we are exposed for miles in some directions. Keeping behind the vegetation and boulders and sticking to the east slope a bit, I show her how I had used angles to avoid the three or four closer neighbor’s homes from seeing me. We do this just as a precaution, in case they might be looking out to our direction, perhaps out a window on this day. Stealth is a craft.


We hear hammering. I discover that it is from the neighbors above us up on the hill. They are working on their house. I can see him evidently, but they have already told us that they are not bothered by our nudity where they overlook us. He is busy and doesn’t notice us two small nudes in the distance.

We are out a pleasant couple of hours. After a lunch, we go back to a garage sale to pick up some bargain tools on our way to the sweat. There is a pleasant sense of peace this day. This special area will be a fine year-round place for naturism and retreat.


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