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We’re at Safebare’s home in NW Houston after a morning walk.

I’m conveniently nude all over, out front in Safebare’s driveway, organizing the car, gathering what I’ll need today.

I hear Safebare making noise with something metal out back, where I had heard his big pickup truck earlier. Looking through the gate, I see him wrestling with his metal canoe. The tailgate is down. I offer to help, as I open and close the tall wooden gate.

The process is easy. Each of us lifts a side of the canoe and slide it into the bed. We strap it down until we are confident that it will stay there.

We’re soon on our way to Somerville Lake. It is a dammed reservoir in the Texas countryside, somewhere out the Interstate towards Austin.

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A Morning Stealth Walk


To Georgia and Back Series: Part 11

This is the continuation of our visit with “Safebare,” in Texas. We have just spent a lovely afternoon sailing. Here is that story:

Sailing the Gulf

This next day is lazy. We gather ourselves for a visit to Galveston and ice-cream.

The staunch old iron and stone architecture is fun.

The old tall doors open to let the sea breeze in.

We have to beat rush hour through Houston to their northwest side. There is a neighborhood stealth walk and then a canoe trip to enjoy. The Houston freeway is hair raising. My fingers clench the wheel, ready at any instant to react to a brush with death.

The song “If I Can Just Get Off of this L.A. Freeway” comes to mind and won’t go away.

I suggest that DF put the song on the stereo, but she is too intensely busy watching the road and for the next exit to do the search.

The borderline greeting sign had said “Just Drive Friendly, the Texas Way.” It didn’t suggest driving “crazy.”

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