July 2015

The Naturist Society Gathering 2015: Trip Report

The Best Both Ways

A couple of months ago, a friend offered us a place to stay in his motorhome to visit The Naturist Society’s Western Naturist Gathering for 2015. It was being held at De Anza Resort a wonderfully relaxed desert hideout with amazing hiking opportunities. He had always wanted to go and it would be a first experience for his new girlfriend with social nudity at a resort. We took him up on that offer.


The Naturist Society has been at the vanguard of naturism and naturist’s thought for decades. It has had a major influence. Each year, the organization has regional gatherings to promote naturism, coordinate actions, educate, and promote the organization. The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) and the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF) have grown out of this. I’ll get into this more, later. What I want to convey, is that these gatherings are not only fun, but informative. There are many highlights. One finds oneself sitting next to and conversing with the who’s who of naturist action. The organizers of the WNBR events in LA, accomplished authors, heads of naturist organizations and people involved for decades are in attendance. They present workshops and lectures amongst pudding fights, dancing and hiking forays. I don’t think that people know what they are missing. When it comes to a theater near you…GO! Continue reading

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