The Naturist Society Gathering 2015: Trip Report

The Best Both Ways

A couple of months ago, a friend offered us a place to stay in his motorhome to visit The Naturist Society’s Western Naturist Gathering for 2015. It was being held at De Anza Resort a wonderfully relaxed desert hideout with amazing hiking opportunities. He had always wanted to go and it would be a first experience for his new girlfriend with social nudity at a resort. We took him up on that offer.


The Naturist Society has been at the vanguard of naturism and naturist’s thought for decades. It has had a major influence. Each year, the organization has regional gatherings to promote naturism, coordinate actions, educate, and promote the organization. The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) and the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF) have grown out of this. I’ll get into this more, later. What I want to convey, is that these gatherings are not only fun, but informative. There are many highlights. One finds oneself sitting next to and conversing with the who’s who of naturist action. The organizers of the WNBR events in LA, accomplished authors, heads of naturist organizations and people involved for decades are in attendance. They present workshops and lectures amongst pudding fights, dancing and hiking forays. I don’t think that people know what they are missing. When it comes to a theater near you…GO!

Remember: You can click on any photo to enlarge it!
Because of the exclusivity of a motorhome and the wonderful venue, my body enjoyed not being draped in anything more than a towel for the duration. I had to dress to get last minute supplies and ice, but from there, everything was cake to be freely nude. I wrapped a towel to wash the RV’s windows at a truck stop, and once on the side of the highway to walk the dog. DF found herself in the same condition. She wore a net crochet sort of cover to the dance for a little while…more on that later.

DSCN8326_1We took off from Tucson just before sunset Wednesday and lumbered down the interstate to De Anza Naturist Resort, near Jacumba, California. We were raised up by the stature of the vehicle to where we were at trucker’s level. I sat at the dining table, waving and staring into the cabs of the trucks as they slowly passed us (we were conserving gas, traveling at 65mph). From this vantage point, I wanted to experience what a typical trucker might, as he (one she trucker with a dog) viewed passing cars. My observation was that they see everything. The full body is observed, even between the seats from behind into most cars. The window tint on the rear windows is a deterrent. Passing quickly, being exposed at a glance, makes a difference in what they see. Night vision produces a cover from the trucker’s eye. Most vehicles were passing us 10 to 15 mph quicker. This is a glance at best, when they are coming up from behind, zipping past and then pass with their backs to a trucker. A trucker’s outside rear view mirror doesn’t give much view. I saw no carnuders. Using this information, I can be more adept at the practice of nude driving myself, now. A towel to cover the genitals on occasion will take any trucker problems away. That is, if there is a problem. For some women, in some states, simply squeezing ones legs together, or crossing them demurely and hiding those offending nipples covers law. This is if the trucker is looking. If you suddenly jump out of your seat surprised by a thunderous horn, you may not be effective enough. I hope that this information will help you adjust your carnuding strategies.


We pulled into an area just outside of the main gate of De Anza Springs Resort at 10:30pm and went to bed. The office would open in the morning and we could roll in to a full day’s activities.


We acquainted our newbies with the resort. I found that the wonderful 80F’s temperatures and refreshing mornings didn’t heat up the dark pea gravel and the concrete sidewalks very much. I found that the conditioning that I have been giving my feet since my last visit has made shoes something inconvenient and worthless there.

DSCN8296DF and I would be barefoot all over, except when hiking the desert. We were given a spot just across the road from everything and on the other side, there was the large grass lawn and many mature trees. I wasted no time visiting this heavenly treat. We are from Arizona, where a golf course is the only place to enjoy a lawn. Starved for years, I took the greatest pleasure with each bare step. I laid my body down, enjoyed the cushioning of my knees, I stretched; I enjoyed the sweet bed when I placed my towel over the suspension of the blades of grass, and I looked up into the trees and blue skies. This is my idea of perfect weather and it remained consistent the whole time.

We had a breakfast of French toast. I added a blue berry/banana smoothie. We relaxed in the pool until 11:00am. Mark Story, an editor of “N” magazine, as well as an author, presented a revealing philosophical look at nudist postcards. He has a collection and they were shared. They are amusing and very revealing about the way the last century has looked upon nudists from an outsider’s viewpoint.


Then, more poolside, lunch, stroll, then showers. There was a lecture and discussion by Bob Morten, a board member of NAC and go to for expert testimony. He had a practical look about the names and labels of naturist, nudist, colony, resort, etc., then more meeting and relaxation.

At 3:00 we gathered around a pair of round tables to discuss women in naturism. A dozen women shared their stories, concerns and introductions to naturism.

DSCN8300Here were movers and shakers in the movement, the head of ANRR (also a TNS member), writers, cancer survivors, women of attitude, DF, all amazing women. Our friend, who was only hours into her first experience at a socially nude resort also sat and shared. Three men sat and mostly listened and then applauded. It was moving and inspirational.

I know that mouth. Is it Jabba the Hut or Marlon Brando?

I know that mouth. Is it Jabba the Hut or Marlon Brando?

At 4:00 we had a delightful hour called “Buck-Naked poetry.” Dennis Craig Smith, author of “Growing Up Without Shame” and “Bare Creek Anthology” hosted. He had his humorous rhymes and then invited Don Titmus, Aka “the Naked Poet,” to share some of his and his collection. We each read one.

One reason that I went was to talk to Dennis Smith about his important book, “Growing Up Without Shame.”

Hole in Shadow with Moon

Hole in Shadow with Moon

It is a tremendous resource in concern about children and nudity. I looked into writing my master’s thesis on the topic, but just about every time that I researched, I found that his book had already been there. I gave it up for another topic. In a world where the best argument that anti-nudity has is “But, what about the children?” this irrefutable resource puts down the argument, explaining in plain language that there is no damage to children involved or exposed to nudity. In fact it has been shown to be beneficial. When people that I know have been confronted by the other’s argument, I have always suggested this resource. For example, I involved myself in a city council discussion in concern of a proposed anti-nudity ordinance and suggested the read before making any decisions, me being a mental health professional. I then went to the internet, found this jewel out of print, and the price was ridiculous! I had to ask Dennis about this lack or availability. I was able to discover his plans, what had transpired, egg him on and pick up a few copies for my needs. This book is important in actions toward liberation of the body.

DF Shoots Slot in Rock

DF Shoots Slot in Rock

We took an evening walk out into the amazing rock formations to delight our friend’s camera eyes.

I returned early for a lecture from Bob Morten of NAC again. This time a title of “NAC to Naturists: We’ve got your back.” He produced numerous anecdotal examples of NAC protecting our freedoms, both individuals in trouble and naturist set aside areas within public lands. One example was of a man hiking in the forest near Los Angeles being arrested by a helicopter and no less than 26 armed police. NAC not only showed that he was legally hiking, but moved forward getting a policy statement declaring that it is legal to hike nude there. I came out fully understanding that NAC is a worthy proactive organization we Americans should all support.



We attended a screening of “Act Naturally” a fun naturist/nudist film. The provider was acquainted with inside information, such as how the money ran out during the filming twice and there is a sequel in the can that is awaiting money to finish it.


While our friends slept, DF and I took off on a lovely morning’s hike. We didn’t know how far we were going. We ended up only a mile or so out, on a community of huge boulders, taking photos and exploring.


We usually don’t pose DF, but that aspect was fun and enlightening, too.




There just was all of these smooth lines in the rock formations and DF. I had to play until she got uncomfortable. Those rocks aren’t as soft as she is.

There was a strange, to us, plant. DSCN8339

It had a similarity to our local sage, but very long stems filled with drying seeds. DF reached down and plucked off a leaf. We were amazed by the definitive bouquet and the intensity of the aroma. We collected seeds and asked politely for a sprig to take back in gratitude. The plant couldn’t refuse us. The sprig blessed the eating table area with its incense, as it dried.

I wanted to climb up into this rock opening, sit in meditation, and contemplate just how it felt and then DF and I both thought that it would make a fun naturist photo.


It looked like an easy enough task, but when I crossed, I found that there was a crumbling quality to the rock in my approach. My feet would just slide down the slope as if on BB pellets. If I had had a hand brush, perhaps, but of course I had none. I’ll remember next time. It was attractive.

I tried approaching from the right,


Then the left, then right up the middle, but it was too easy that day to slip and accumulate a nasty rash.

Too slippery on the Left

Too slippery on the Left

Ouch, then I’d have to get back down.


Feminine Spirit


Having just begun this blog I am still learning about the structure and promotion of it. I attended a workshop run by the local “Camping Bares” a non-landed club in southern California. They have been using social media to expand and sustain their organization. They were sharing their useful experience.

Amongst the afternoon fun and workshops, Bob Morten had big news for us.

DSCN8291The lecture/discussion was about naturist polling. I wanted to know more and share what we have been noticing amongst free range naturist, that is that there seems to be only a minority of 2% that actually are offended by nudity, maybe 20% who are confused with naked people when they meet them on the trail and the rest are positive about it. This is a far cry from what people may think in their living rooms and the actual reaction when they meet nudes on public lands.


Bob gave us a history of the basic polling questions called the Baxendahl Three and their result’s relatively steady changes over 35 years. Then he pulled out the big bomb. It was the new 2015 poll. It is greatly expanded and the news about public opinion is all very good. I can’t repeat the statistics until they are published in the next issue of “N” magazine. There are both national and Californian polls. Definitely look for the publication for a feel good.


There is an exclusivity practiced by TNS and affiliates. All are made to feel very welcome; all are listened to and respected like family. Every member is treated as an insider of the group. We are all important to naturism.

A workshop for naturists about making their organizations green came next, before a general assembly.


We gathered under the large outdoor porch/patio for introductions and announcements by those involved. I had been given previously the gracious permission of the organizer, Carmen Hamm, to introduce myself and plug this website. We passed out flyers to the audience and then I stood in front of all of these people thinking about that old trick of public speaking, “Just imaging that the audience is naked.” They were! I told them of the demise of the Secret Naturist Society and its cause and then invited them to visit here. I hope that they are reading this.

DSCN8295Afterwards, there was a gathering picture taken at the pool and most just naturally slid into the waters. While there, we happened upon a couple who knew us as Jbee and DF from the Secret Naturist Society website. He told me that he has enjoyed our trip reports and was pleased that they would continue here. DF and I enjoyed this news and then proceeded into the jaccuzi to warm up.


We were talking with the other hot-tubers and raw living food came up. The lady who ran the “Green” workshop began to swap recipes with us. We ended up inviting her to diner as we had a couple of pates to spread on tortillas made from golden flax, avocado and spices ready. She had three dishes handy herself. We all had a grand feast on our picnic table.


We had a plan to hike to the top of the mountain before our meal, and she came along, making six including the dog. The trail out there had been improved by someone since our last visit. Our friends returned early with their small dog, but we three had a wonderful time enjoying the process of sunset and the rocks changing colors. There is a very primitive sense in those hills. I could imagine dinosaurs flying above us.


The RV has comfortable seating and a large flat screen TV. That evening, we watched a hilarious movie laughing loudly as our naked selves.


I awoke early and wandered off to the grassy lawn to do stretches, with specks of yoga and chi gong. I must repeat…that grass is heavenly fun. We just don’t have anything like that in Tucson. I returned and made pineapple/banana smoothies with some mint this time. I was able to read through Dan’s World Nude Hiking Day article in “N” magazine finally, before we went to Mark Story’s presentation of about 100 nude postcards. This time postcards were presented without the philosophy, just mostly getting a kick out of them. Some offended our naturist sensibilities. I enjoyed surmising, identifying, the era, decade, and nationality of many.


We ate well.

I attended the NEF workshop. A new naturist library in Wisconsin was announced. Also, the obligatory pudding toss ritual was rescheduled. DF and I stood shielded by the glass wind barrier by the pool as we watched 16 adults smack each other with chocolate and vanilla pudding from literally buckets. Then, as they hosed off, we made our way to the Ice Cream Social to raise money for NAC. Strawberry, marchino cherries, pineapple and whip cream on top of vanilla. I hadn’t tasted these things in many years. I went smiling to be served seconds! “Oh, what the heck.”

At 3:00 we sat down on the patio for an interview with Mark Haskell Smith, author of the new book “Naked at Lunch.” This is a hilarious book. He writes well, and is an easy enjoyable read. It is filed with naturist lore, and some things that were new to me. He gives a succinct philosophical arguments in the chapters, Funwreckers and Brave Nude World. He spent a year visiting various naturist centers and activities, recording his experiences in a newbie outsider’s perspective. It is highly recommended. DF bought a copy just to help educate some of her non-nudist friends. The light hearted adventures reveal the naturist as they are. The people next door, they are normalcy without clothing, often a tad nicer. Several older smiling children walked by behind the speaker during the interview. They were covered in smeared chocolate pudding. Apparently they had their own pudding toss, which transformed them into what appeared to be smiling alien beings.


At sunset, we met others in a sandy wash for a drum circle. It worked out well. We, a naked troupe and an ABS didgeridoo made for a nice primitive mood. A guitar and other percussion blended in to our rhythm and dancing.

There had been a “Zebra” themed party planned for the evening. I wondered what it might mean. Wearing things zebra seemed kind of odd at a nudist resort. I wasn’t quite sure, but that seemed the only definition of such an occasion that I could conjure up. Before leaving Tucson, I had visited Goodwill and purchased the biggest bra that I could find. It is pink and black lacey. Out of duct tape, I placed the words, “size Z” on one breast and “BRA” on the other. How could I get it wrong? I looked silly and certainly didn’t fill it out at all, taking that hermaphrodite look away from the general ensemble. Later an adjustment had to be made by DF. Seems that the “Z” was lazy and it looked “N” size. I don’t know what happened to the “E.”


I gave DF a pair of white socks and we attached black duct tape strips on them to look as zebra stripes as her complete costume. She decided to wear a see through mesh or macramé cover up, that she has not had occasion to wear anywhere. She has very nice clothing in her closet, but we are nude so often. Rather than call out blasphemy, I relented without comment. She did look nice with her new darker tan under white lace…for a while.

We were disappointed that the band had cancelled and we were left with a DJ, but we danced, spoke with great camaraderie, played shuffle board on a long table like a bowling alley and enjoyed ourselves, bathed in flashing lights and a disco ball.

I have been learning female secrets that I hadn’t been exposed to, because I bought a kilt. I found out about the surprise of sitting down on a cold plastic chair in a fast-food joint. The way the wind doesn’t let you know if you are exposed, how to bend or lean to get things without having it ride up, and how heat travels up and gets conveniently y caught while standing over a campfire.

The bra, one with an underwire, was a very enlightening experience. I got sore in my armpits. My chest felt as if it was rubbing raw, to quite tender. It left little room for two sets of breast when dancing. I put it on backwards, thinking that it would be more comfortable and maybe I would be more fun to dance with. That helped, but I was still strapped in. One gal politely tucked the back-strap under my chest, to give me more lift. I do sag a bit with my older age. The sensation sucked. I would not wear one of these man designed contraptions for any reason, or money, if I were a woman. It is more that wrong, it is torture. Clothing is of course very over rated, but a bra is just completely …Why do women do that to themselves? Why did they burn them and then turn around and start wearing them again a few years later? The things are obviously unhealthy. It is as a repressive, anti -woman, abomination of human indignity as any ever conceived. Why not just wear a collar and be lead around like a servant animal? It just reeks of, “Who owns your body, Ladies?” I’ll never forget the experience. It must be a single best argument for adapting a clothing free body acceptance lifestyle.

There is something very wonderful about a hot jaccuzzi tub at the end of an evening, before bed.


Our RV host and the dog woke up sick. The DF and I decided to take our new found to be definitely be a naturist, girlfriend out to visit the train wreck and Native American pictographs. We didn’t hear a crash in the night. This wreck has been sitting there for many years.Notice the buzzard overhead.


. We were however, completely surprised. Someone had switched out the train wreck! Where before, there had been a few cars from the early sixties, there were now more cars, but they were all double-decker.





All Aboard!

All Aboard!

They were derailed as before, just for some reason that my mind could wonder about, they had been replaced. Graffiti tagging was all over these.

We found ourselves wandering through each car. The tagger paint on the windows transformed into stained glass, giving color, as the sun passed through it. It was still surreal, a ghost train.



Strangely, the tracks just run into rocks. There is no stop. It looks as though, like one of those movies, if you move fast enough, you will vanish into a portal to another dimension.



Goin’ where the weather suits ma clothes,
Goin’ where the weather suits ma clothes,
Ain’t gonna be treated this away.

The ancient pictographs were there inside the mouth with teeth, as I stood, as if being gobbled up by Mother Earth. I’ll have more on these with later posts. I have a couple of earlier De Anza posts that will show here eventually.

The drought was evident. The dank marshy trail through the tamarask thicket was dry. Someone had put much effort into bridging the trail with rocks. The icky place was actually kinda nice. We sat and had a snack on a slat of wood as a bench.

DSCN8371 IMG_1673T

DF found ripe Juniper berries.

IMG_1679T DSCN8380

A group of locals seemed to watch our every move.


View from the inside of a sacred place.


We headed back to leave at checkout time. As we packed up, there was a parade of cars heading out to Black’s Beach waving friendly goodbyes toward us. This weekend, many friends were made by all.

Our sick friend stalwartly unhooked the RV with me. In misery, he determined to push through until Yuma and I then took over the driving. After these free days, it was comical when DF slipped on her shoes and nearly walked out the door naked, standing there in the door exclaiming, “oops.” Nude is habit forming.

De Anza is the best of both worlds, free-range and the amenities and safety of a reservation. We are all, both worlds, included in The Naturist Society. We were free to roam as far as we felt, nude and carefree. We returned to an open and accepting celebration of naturism for days on end. It was more akin to a more perfect world. Nudity was the norm and textile was unusual. Seeing others standing nude far out on the trail was welcome. If they had been dressed we might have felt threatened by them, uncomfortable and not trusting their presence, intent and difference. They would be perceived as somewhat eccentric, inappropriate, or silly, BUT would we insist that they undress in a perfect world?

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