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One may ask me, “Why are you so obsessed with being naked?” My usual response is “Ask yourself why you are clothed. Could that be an obsession?” Nude is the natural state. Clothing is an additive. This justifies my lifestyle, but why is it such an important issue to me?

After spending several days acceptably nude, it is most common to notice that putting on clothing, just to be socially acceptable, is physically confining, bunched up, hot, unnatural and actually uncomfortable.

Unless I get overwhelmed by cold, I don’t need anything to supplement my natural bodily ability for homeostasis. The body, the mind, the whole system adjusts as a complete system. It is quite complex, an ancient natural gift adapted to adapt. It is honed and amazing. The freer that it is to do its job, the better it works.

Also, something essential is lost in clothing. When the joy of nudity is lost, something is taken away. I am my body and there is more. In my skin, I’m in touch with the world around me, all senses are more aware and I’m more integrated. This aligns with and supports a more natural place, or sense of being. It opens the pathways to other senses in a unified activity of awareness and body. Other senses are even felt around the body. I have a greater sense of well-being. I have a deeper sense of being a part of something quite amazing.

I’ve been asked, “Are you not making this a bit bigger than its scope?”

Well, just try free range naturism and simply be aware; my conclusions are generally obvious.

“You’ll get used to wearing clothes,” they say.  Well yes, I’d probably get used to anything, but is constant clothing actually beneficial? Is it harmful? Is clothing something that should be done in moderation? There are of course the superficial differences, but a longer time nude will show, if one just takes note, the restrictions from clothing have far greater, even damaging effects.

Greater Deeper Effects:

Most obviously, just throwing off clothing reveals an immediate release, relief, or liberation, but I’m saying that the effect of clothing is deeper than that.

In constant clothing, health, psychological and spiritual benefits, all three, are lost in an artificial norm. There is a disassociation from essence, the base, our foundation. One needs to be in touch with essence to function better.

I’ll make some examples. To strip off the armor, the “ready for social war protection” that society imposes is an immense trap of clothing. Not facing fears and to not integrate, is unhealthy and inner growth is frustrated. One must be brave enough to put one’s self out there authentically, to stand naked. Experiencing the lack of armor, is to trust in the environment and be open to others. Being naked may lead to more trust. In nature, it may heighten trust in one’s God for protection and with that follows a sense of appreciation.

Roles enforced by clothing are ingrained traps. Our roles are a false identity and security, whether they are basic social tools for multiple uses, practical, or they are working out for an individual.  At some time, we have to step out of it for perspective.

Identifying with clothing’s sense of self, in various degrees, can encase shame and fear where it putrefies. It disrupts true inner confidence.  It becomes a catalyst, or crutch. Playing the game is one thing, maybe survival, but stepping out of the identity is to know something greater. Stripping away to our basic nature and knowing life as that, changes perspectives and liberates.

Clothing is a box and one needs to get out of the box or be confined in it, a victim, a tool for others, in ignorance and a false sense of reality.

The experience of being nude, particularly in nature and then coming back to social convention and society’s constructs with its pressures and stress is evident. Denying that this experience exists, or diminishing it, is to simply be out of touch.  To me, it would be like sitting on a bench watching a glorious wondrous sunset and having a blind man come by, swish his cane and tell me that it doesn’t exist, or that it is unimportant, or irrelevant.

Another example, I learned from a spiritual guidance in India, that if you take seven minutes, seven times a day for 21 days to do an activity and only that activity, only awareness of that activity, totally immersed in that activity, with all else laid aside, you will better understand being present, or as they say, in the moment. Awareness brings essential consciousness. It is meditation to simply brush teeth, or the dog and erase the truly less relevant world. I know that in nudity, in full unrestricted natural awareness, simply walking one foot in front of the other can be profound. Standing still on a windy hillside can be profound. Even a simple skinny-dip can produce profound change.

An Elemental Human Right:

People go outside, they have patios, they sit and breathe a different quality of air. The scents of nature are outside. There is something elemental about that. We have the right to that. After all, is it not a punishment to have it taken away? We have a right to our natural senses.

Disrobing is a similar action. To sense with the entire body is elemental. To walk freely nude is like a breath of fresh air. I would say, both are simply a human Right.

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