Happy Five Year Birthday!

Yup, it’s been five years since that first post of The Free Range Naturist. When I started this, I figured that I would have about one hundred stories, old and new. I thought that maybe I’d give it a day a week for two years. I have been surprised!

Along with evolution in my writing and our photography, DF and I have been to so many new and different places freely naked. It is now something to look back on, seeing a piece of life well spent and well documented. We have had fun and life continues!

We’re still planning more fun; the bucket list never dries up. We have had so much going on this year that I have had trouble keeping up with the publishing of it all. I have already secured a weekly post to cover well into next year, but much of it is rough drafts, piles of pictures, and very little of it refined and marked “READY. “

This month, I was supposed to get caught up and ahead of the game during a retreat in the alpine region in the White Mountains, Arizona. It ended up that a huge piece of my time was spent in the wilderness with what I’m pretty sure was me alone, bundled in bed with Covid 19. I’ll be more sure of that diagnosis later.

Plans just sometimes fall away to surprises. I might add that the illness in an isolated wilderness, didn’t allow me to go to town to press the “PUBLISH” button on someone’s WIFI for a couple of weeks in a row. That’s what happened to the two stories that I had ready, but better late than never.

So, I’ve started several articles and we have been around many wonders of Arizona worth a yarn. We hope to spot a few more adventures before years end, too. We’re in the process of retiring, I’ve got a big project renovating a new house, building a sweat for the Tucson community and moving into a purging of possessions mode, all with this continued Covid 19 world disruption (understatement). Somewhere down the line, there will be more time and mobility and maybe an epic adventure. Life surprises.

Thank-you for tuning in, “liking” and all of your comments.  An acknowledgement that this has touched someone, a pat on the back, the new “followers” and it all keeps me going. Posting, photography, experiments in writing and media, all make each trip report that much more fun for us.

Five years and going strong! Tell your friends.

Jbee and DF

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8 thoughts on “Happy Five Year Birthday!

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  5. Congratulations on five years! And sorry I haven’t commented sooner. I’ve been enjoying your experiences vicariously for perhaps a year now.

    My own naked hiking occurs in a very populated part of the country, and so is quite rare. Even worse with all the “Covid hikers” pouring into the parks and woods.

    Additionally, it’s considered to be a bit dry around here if we somehow fail to receive at least 40 inches of rain in a year! So your desert settings almost seem like a fantasy to me!

    Please keep exploring and keep writing. I’ll keep reading and dreaming about hiking naked in your strange dry land!


  6. Congratulations on hitting the five year mark. Having just made six years (but posting with less regularity than you,) I know what it takes to keep the story fresh and the plot line unfolding. You do a beautiful job with that, with such eloquent prose. Thanks for your fine contributions to the normalizing the ideals of social nudity. -DAN


  7. mTr

    Congratulations on this milestone. I definitely have enjoyed reading your adventures. I look forward to keeping up with whatever you choose to publish in the future.


  8. Eric

    Love your blog and haven’t missed a single episode. You’re doing great work toward increasing the acceptance and normalization of nudity. Congrats on your impending retirement! Looking forward to many more of your adventures. -Eric


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