Part 3: Benefits of a Sauna/Sweat

On Any Good Day

A sauna will:

Relieves stress

One may close the door to the world, or symbolically enter your mother’s belly

Relaxes body muscles

Soothes aches and pains in both muscles and in joints

Improves circulation

Releases endorphins, a tranquilizing effect

Blood vessels dilate, increased blood flow speeds to minor bruises or cuts

Eliminates lactic acid and other toxins

Sweating reduces levels of lead copper, zinc, nickel, mercury and chemicals, detoxes the body and promotes the regulatory system

Endocrine glands excrete as much in 15 minutes of sauna as the normally do in an entire day

Dead skin cells are replaced

Bacteria rinses out of epidermal layer

Gives “after sauna glow”

It puffs up tiny wrinkles and supports collagen

Bathes the skin in liquid that is rich in nutrients

Flushes body waste

Helps remove acne

Cleans skin deep not just the top

Deeper more relaxed sleep can be attained

Heart rate increases up to 60% with quick temperature rises. Like exercise, but a few minutes  in a sauna  removes 500 grams of sweat and 300 calories

Helps protect from colds, viruses, flu and reduces congestion, because of more white blood cells

Helps cardiovascular conditions

Endothelial cells improve dramatically

Helps with body odor from sweat glands

Helps chronic fatigue

Helps mild depression

Helps rheumatoid arthritis

You must be free of mind and mood altering substances, other than pot

Good for hangovers, you can smell it coming out

You are cleansed from the inside out

Acetylcholine alerts the 2.3 million sweat glands embedded in the skin

Helps resist eczema, athletes foot, pimples and blackheads

Brushing in conjunction with a sauna removes dry skin which has clogged sweat pores and oil passages

Impurities in the liver, kidneys, stomach, muscles, brain, and most other organs are flushed out by the faster flow of juices

Increased capillary volume, they say, keeps blood pressure normal

Helps high blood pressure

Recovery from illness comes easier and quicker.

Bacterial and viral agents do not survive well at temperatures higher than normal body temperature.

Accelerates metabolism

Vitamin D is produced by healthier functioning skin and cell structure. Nutritional intake and sunshine interact to make D.

A wet wood burning sauna has an abundance of Positive Ions

It is a retreat into a calm

Mother’s womb

Relaxing, when socializing with friends and family

When the body is soothed the mind and the emotions follow

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