How’s that New Strategy Working Out?

At this point, we have found a much greater sense of liberation. It comes out of the adjustment of our attitudes. We have been making a commitment at the beginning of each nude trek to stay nude throughout. We have been dropping any covering into a bag, or just using sun protectors to cushion our shoulder’s pack straps. We then are nude with no real way to cover, or quickly dress.

More strategic detail can be found here:

This action says to our “civilized” selves that we are surrendering and embracing nature as a being which is more a part of nature. We are walking as we are, accepting our bodies as they are, a vehicle to navigate and be aware of what life simply is.

As we are abandoning all defense, we become free of other’s judgements, and expectations of our bodies. We accept ourselves as others must accept us, for what these bodies are, what they look like, what they express, nothing to hide, and the honesty. We are genuinely not hiding.

We feel that our illusions are reduced to the stark simple reality of our being, which is two people out on a trail, exploring, fully experiencing the blessing of our God given humanity. We breathe, we watch ourselves move, we observe how the world around us naturally interacts with a natural form. Warmth, body temperature, the multitudes of subtle sensory experiences are endless. A stone’s shape under foot, a brush against skin, a stretch, it is all observed as it happens, as Grace in action.

In our resolve and our joy of the moment, when someone comes by, our reactions have been to observe that other’s reactions. We have not felt self-conscious or uncomfortable. It is as if our attitude and abandon, as a part of wondrous nature, has given us normality there. Now, the others are out of place and a curiosity. They may perceive us as out of place, after all, we are the less usual hikers, but we can no longer identify as anything but natural healthy and a part of. We accept ourselves fully and it is then less conceivable that someone else could correctly not be accepting of us.

We are free of defensive actions. We are not in stealth, or hiding, so that we not become attacked. The next bend isn’t a threat. Our ears, long trained to listen for others and react quickly in fear, covering up, constantly at the ready, is replaced by simply listening to all, with our notice.

Beginning in practice to walk the walk, we rapidly arrive at the authentic walk. When we are at the ready to be ourselves and share our moment’s joy, to smile and greet, as a tactic, we naturally just become focused on these positives and become them. The act drops away.

Yes, there are moments of out of place, or a sense that walking up to and greeting someone while nude feels awkward, but surprisingly, it falls away nearly instantly. Our eyes are seeing outwardly, instead of looking from the outside in. There is the curiosity of the other’s reaction, the other’s elephant in the closet as they converse, but it seems that they soon realize that we are just like them, only naked, nothing more. At the most, it gives them something to think about.

In time, we do not continue in a sense of being more bold, more revolutionary, or defiant. We don’t continue to fear in our ingrained social barriers, our inhibitions, and our insecurities. Our need to conform diminishes. We are no longer more bold, more revolutionary, or defiant. We become more comfortable as our natural selves.

When we find ourselves comfortable in nature. When someone else is encountered, they are observed and accepted as they are, they are a curiosity, like any other piece of creation. Our hearts go out to our world as one and then here comes another part of it, another human.

The overall attitude and experience seems to be more liberated. When we are not being distracted by concern of hiding our bodies during encounters, we are free to focus on our naturism. We quickly dissolve into the wonderful place that we are, our being. We get more delight out of it. We feel that we are getting more out of our naturist experience during the 90% plus of the time that we are alone. We are in the right place, not someone’s imposed sense of out of place when nude. Taking off in nude abandon, ready to be a positive greeting to any encounters, there is a renewed sense of purpose and a sense of emancipation. We feel more free and right with the world. We are walking freely in the world as is our birthright, nude. We are going miles freely and unencumbered, with little to no issues. We have left our concerns, for the most part, behind with our past attitudes and strategies. We have a sense of the belief that we are free at last. We are in pursuit of happiness and spirit and finding it.

We are finally living as is our preference, which is nude as our authentic nature.

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7 thoughts on “How’s that New Strategy Working Out?

  1. Reblogged this on Naturalian's Blog and commented:
    This is wonderful, expressing natural humaninity and positivity.

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  2. I love your attitude and reading of your adventures! I have hiked nude many times and outside of one exception, each time I stayed nude I was happier for it. I have been congratulated, brought many smiles, laughs had a few short pleasant conversations and only a couple mild negative reactions. The one unpleasant encounter was due as much to my own carelessness as anything else. Keep up your promotion of body positivity and freedom!


    • coolbrzy

      Oops! Had some tech issues in trying to edit my comment.. didn’t mean to post twice. Feel free to delete this and my post above. 🙂


  3. I love your attitude! I have been hiking nude many times and with only one exception, every time I stayed nude I was happier for it. I have been congratulated for it, brought many smiles and laughs, had a few short pleasant conversations and only a couple mild negative reactions. The one unpleasant experience was due to my own carelessness as much as anything else. Keep up the adventurous spirit and freedom to be natural! Look forward to reading more!

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  4. I believe you are right. There’s no real point in covering up when you are hiking naked. Who are you harming? You, other? Come on, nobody should be shocked at a naked body! I too started to just leave all cover in the back pack or even in the car. Of course, you face strong reaction to your nudity, but honestly in most places (at least in the so-called Western world) you should be fine. And as you said, if you face the situation honestly with a bright smile on your face, there’s little risk anything will happen, and hiking naked is sooooo gooood!

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  5. Eric

    No one should have to be afraid “to walk freely in the world.” Your honest, straightforward approach to nudity in nature is an inspiration, more important now, culturally, than ever. Thank you for that, and for your always-interesting blog.

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  6. Effectivement ! Ici en France, plus particulièrement en Bretagne, nous organisons et guidons des randonnées naturistes (
    Ce qui est formellement interdit en France et réprimé au terme de l’article 222-32 de la loi au même titre que l’exhibition sexuel, ce qui n’est pas. mais la loi ne fait pas la différence.
    En groupe, c’est un peu différent que lorsque l’on est seul, ça passe mieux mais l’épée de Damoclès est toujours là !
    Bonnes balades et bonnes randonnées.
    Restez et vivez nus


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