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Sailing the Gulf


We’re on our way west, out of Baton Rouge, this morning. We’re going sailing!

Realizing that a drive across Texas is halfway across the continental USA, we decide to take a break at the tourist info center after crossing the border.

We put on clothing in the parking lot and walk around the back to the gateway and into chilling air-conditioning.

The big room is loaded with tall rows of brochures and maps. We’ll have a long drive and we’re looking for fun stops along the way. This is like a library.

We try out the restrooms, before having a machine eat my two futile attempts at a plastic bottle of Coca-Cola. When I inquire at the big desk manned by two ladies, which appear to have spent quite a bit of idyll time together, I am met with an astonished, “way-a-oh.” Texans often need to enunciate all vowels in every word, but these two presented authenticity by actually adding extra vowels to “wow.”

Genuine and friendly, that’s how I like my Texans.

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