Carnuding II

But First an Update:

A week ago Saturday, we got back from a month long cross country road trip to DF’s mother’s 100th birthday gathering in Georgia. We traveled through New Mexico, the Panhandle area and Missouri getting there, stopping off at some fun spots to hike walk and visit. On the way back, we took a couple of weeks traveling down into the south. We crossed Texas and the Big Bend area. We’ve got stories to tell about hikes, canuding, sailing, beaches, resorts, retreats and more adventure as naturists to last some months to come.

I have several personal projects that must be accomplished the next 6 weeks or so, which have to do with money. Then, there are many pages of notes from the trip to preserve and a couple of thousand pictures that I’m sorting out. With being very busy and also that aforementioned catching up to do, I’ll still do my best to get some quality posts out each week. Some may be smaller projects.

Carnuding II

Several years ago, I posted an article about “carnuding.” It is time for an update. I’d like to invite you to revisit the first article here:

There were a few useful insights in the comments section of that article

“Carnuding” simply means driving, or riding in a car while nude. Since that article, DF and I have logged in about 13,000 miles nude and incident free in just two cross country road trips. We have also driven nude to and from every one of the short adventures in the stories given here. We often don’t get dressed driving through town, unless getting dressed, or undressed, at either end is a hassle. It is just practical, or sometimes liberating. It has been all incident free…just sayin’.

To be accurate, we carry a cover-up just in case of an emergency, or spontaneous change in plans. A cover is easily placed in a lap to avoid breaking laws. Most often just a wad of cloth across the lap will do. DF has to cover breast in this state, Arizona.

DF has logged less carnude mileage than me, because the seat belt eventually gets uncomfortable when nude. I’ve seen wadded up clothing and pillows under her straps. Also, because of the additional requirement of covering her breast, just a top covering may be used.

All in all, few look and few of those would care. Someone might enjoy a giggle. If some weirdo were to get upset, which hasn’t happened, it is a great deal of trouble for them to take action.

Generally, people are busy driving, seeing the sights, or looking for a McDonalds

During the long drives, I am very grateful to not be bunched up, perspiring in a hot pair of pants. I feel comfortable. When we slow down and the windows are open…we’ll isn’t that part of why people buy convertible cars… to feel the air?

At stops, I have taken to wearing a light Velcro linked kilt. It slips on and off easily. Often, I just wear a kilt as I sit down and undo it, casting it to the side to remain nude. I’m simply and casually at ready to pull it closed with no effort. DF with a light sundress, can place it over herself and be legally covered and slip it on quickly at public stops and get out of the car.

I have gotten a few snickers and double looks from people in small towns when wearing a kilt, but have enjoyed many many more compliments and accepting inquiries. Once at a truck stop in Oklahoma and once standing in line in a store in Fort Davis, Texas during our trip, did I hear an insulting verbal remark, by someone whose opinions I neither respect, or care anything about. It is my comfortable world, even if the fashion sense might be seen in a Walmart YouTube video.  I figure that a light Hawaii shirt with the kilt, probably won’t interest the girls, but there are other options that some will be attracted to.

In addition to comfort, Carnudling can make a mundane trip feel more adventurous. If you are out for a sense of freedom, or a getaway, being nude in the car will add to that. It adds a whole new dimension when an intention to stay nude is added.

Being bare as much as you dare on a trip, outside the car, will also raise the bar. Your photography will certainly not get boring. Just be careful, think ahead, and have a backup plan.

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4 thoughts on “Carnuding II

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  2. gcnat1200020

    Thank you for the tips. We enjoy driving naked as well. Love the the warm summer wind through the windows on our naked bodies. Since we are usually naked at home, when we want to go the cottage or club, we wrap beach towels us and wear them till we get into the country. Then we strip them off and enjoy the wonderful experience. Jan&Gary

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  3. sassycoupleok

    Driving nude is very enjoyable.

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