Nude Across America Pt29: Faywood Hot Springs Pt II


We are at Faywood Hot Springs in New Mexico. We arrived the previous afternoon, after a long drive down from Colorado. There is a strong chance of monsoon, so we may head back home, after visiting a couple of nude opportunities in the local wide open spaces.

This is a beautiful place to wake up to. We are surrounded by tall fountains of pampas grass under mesquite tree shade. There is that green glow from morning light, orange sunshine is beaming through the shadows. It is calm, just the sound of a bird and a peacock. DF is asleep, cuddling in my arms.

DF suggests that we should check the weather to see if it changed. I grab the phone for the National Weather Service. The forecast for this evening doesn’t look good. We do have some time to enjoy ourselves.

We walk in the comfortable early morning air, up the hill to the Henge. We of course, drop our coverings, just as soon as we see that we are alone. The world seems to embrace us more completely.

On top of the ridge, there is a large round henge of standing rocks, aligned with the sky.

A decoration, which is like an altar, is laid out in a pattern, when we arrive at the center. There is a litter of objects and fun stones, which people have added as an offering, or a contribution.

We visit each marker stone in the circumference.

One at a time, we look to the vistas as they change perspective.  Surrounding us in 360 degrees, there are many miles of various landscapes.

We pray, we listen to the calm, we meditate about this exceptional, moment. There is gratitude.

There is a huge stargazing chair. It is oversized.

As she lounges, DF looks like a small child in a grownup’s chair. Constructed strong with a metal frame, it shifts backwards. The observer is then laid back, suddenly looking up as if lying down. Starting along the periphery of vision, the expanse of a dome of turquoise sky encloses us with the universe. It is perfect for watching stars on a calm warm night, naked.

Over to the side, there is a pile of what looks like it could be extra stones not used for the henge. People have constructed little cairns out of the colorful mineral rock that covers this hilltop. DF picks up a rock and as a kind of offering, sets it down next to others.

I notice a lizard is standing taking up sun’s warmth on top of one of the cairns. Its head is held high, the front legs support its body in a proud gaze. I have the notion that he might think that the offering is to him.

We decide to walk the labyrinth. It is set up as a swirl, leading in and out. It is not the classical configuration. It is more like the swirls that commonly represent sun, or snakes in petroglyphic art.

As we make our way, the trail is marked in stones of various sizes, shapes and colors. At some points, bushes have grown, but they are accommodated gently, instead of being disturbed.

A fat Horned lizard (Horny Toad), like I have never seen, blends into the rust colored rocks that are about.


They are typically, different shades of tan, but this horned lizard matches the reddish terrain. It needs to, as their strategy is to sit still, eating ants, as they pass before them. They are vulnerable to flying predators, so they need to blend in. This fellow is the result of evolution in this particular place over millennia. I’ve seen many rattle snakes with unique color to blend in to a particular terrain.

 After the Spiritual Interlude:

We have to walk through the mineral water showers on our way back to camp. We, of course, are compelled to stop to try the water out. There is no disappointment. As we leave, a peacock lumbers down our trail and entertains us.

It is strutting and jumping up on a picnic table.

As we follow the trails through the grounds, the foliage is thick and a bit canyon-like at times.

Three more peacocks wander into our camp, as we have breakfast and are attending to our camping duties.

We have to leave, since the wet weather is on its way tonight. We break camp, sipping Mormon Tea that we picked up in the henge.

Mormon Tea

There is one last soak, before leaving at noon.  This will be the last leg of the journey, the last precise packing job.

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3 thoughts on “Nude Across America Pt29: Faywood Hot Springs Pt II

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  2. sassycoupleok

    What a wonderful excursion !!

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  3. nopantsendurance

    Seems those little shrines are perfect for being free and nude


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