World Naked Gardening Day 2022

It’s the first Saturday of May again and World Naked Gardening Day!

I have a blank canvas of an urban yard. Decades ago, it was once an arugula field, so the soil is very rich.

I have been used to a natural automatic garden with a rock slope in Tortolita. All I needed to do was to occasionally trim back the overgrowth on the trails there. It was a living ecosystem. This new place in town has no rocks and little native vegetation. I’m looking to make it an edible meditation garden. It all goes hand in hand with the new community sweat, now on the property (Much about that in a later post).

Last week, we were gifted a couple of saguaros by friends. They usually cost over a hundred dollars a foot to be delivered. This gave me three saguaros in papa, mama and baby bear sizes. We call them Lorenzo, Barb and Spike respectively.

Saguaros are filled with water and extremely heavy dead weight. It took two of us to lift and control them, and these are smaller ones. I had a rope on one end; there are roots on the other end. The prickers are everywhere and we don’t want to damage them, scar them, or break the needles. It is a delicate dichotomy with their huge weight.

I began to lift as DF took pictures, but then I realized a shifting weight balance as it fell into the hole, which could make the cactus spring up at me. The photo gets blurred, as I frantically call for DF’s assistance to stabilize Lorenzo.

The yard has a plethora of other plants spread about. Sages and succulents like San Pedro have been waiting in pots for months. Moringa are germinating in old yogurt containers on the porch.

Sunday, several friends came over for a work party and a sweat in the new sauna. We stacked firewood, bundled and planted.

I finally got the bridge put together just before dinner, with a little help from my nude friends. It connects the two halves of the yard, where I have created a dry creek, which is a rainwater harvesting scheme.

World Naked Gardening Day, this Saturday, should involve a new fig tree and a mesquite, which are the last two of the big items. The fig tree will belong to the granddaughter being born at this time. I’m imaging her picking her fruit and in the course of things, somebody is going to play Adam and Eve.

Seeds are germinating, cuttings are being made and I have continued to collect more desert tolerant specimens for planting.

I hope that you will celebrate World Naked Gardening Day and have an opportunity to work on your own tan as naturists do.

FYI: The new sweat has grown out of the old sweat community. It is now reborn on my property. It became functional a couple of weeks ago. A garden with a gathering spot is a part of the atmosphere and use.

Here is the story of the old sweat, written about the time of its closing:

There will be a detailed article, or two about the Tucson Family Sweat Alliance in the future.

I am on the forum of often, if you would like to converse.

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5 thoughts on “World Naked Gardening Day 2022

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  3. 365dniwobiektywielg

    You are looking great!


  4. furthur2go75

    Congratulations for 7 years of great posting. Looking forward to more posts. Just give a shout out if ya need help with Tucson sweat community projects.


  5. furthur2go75

    is the Tucson Sweat community gathering and what is process for coming together?
    JBee your postings have inspired me to free range after being told by the buffateers that they were not excepting any more single males, even though Hunter Mac Phearson knew I am widowed & accepted me. There loss my gain , so thanks & keep on writing & encouraging


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